The Highest Skydive in The World

High plane needs a custom in cabin oxygen..

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Summer’s crawling to a close, so it’s no secret: you need a thrill.

More specifically, you need to jump out of a plane from the highest place on earth.

Ideally with a parachute.

Time to introduce yourself to Skydive Everest, a Nepalese outfit that lets you jump from the world’s highest drop zone.

In short, you’ll be plummeting from 30,000 feet in the air, the equivalent of a heart stopping jump from the top of Everest which, as it happens, is just a couple miles to the west. But first you’ve got to get to the base camp. That means a short flight from Kathmandu to a town called Lukla, then an 18 mile hike to a private airstrip, spread out over five days to give you time to acclimate to the high altitudes and time to drink some homemade millet beer in rugged lodges along the way.

And then, finally, the grand prize a retrofitted propeller plane that will take you to Everest level altitudes. You’ll be so high that the plane needs a custom in cabin oxygen system to make sure you’ve got something to breathe, and when you jump out, you’ll be doing it with a personal air tank strapped to your back.

Also, that parachute.

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