Parkour and Freerunning 366: Week Six

Week six of my Parkour and Freerunning 366.

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       This week started off well, but quickly declined. Monday I was on my way back to Illinois from Tampa Florida, and stopped at some good places for parkour. One of the best places was the mall in Decatur Alabama. There I did several wall runs and vaults. We had already stopped at some rest areas with good parkour spots, so the mall was an unexpected bonus to my parkour training. We got to the mall just half an hour before the mall closed so just a few people were there, which is good when you are taking videos of yourself doing weird stuff.

        Monday night it rained so I couldn’t do much at the hotel Tuesday morning. I did try a little stuff in the gazebo near the hotel pool. The gate around the pool was plastic so I didn’t trust it. The long road trip only had a few stops along the way, and none of them where at rest areas or places with good parkour spots. 

        Wednesday wasn’t good at all, it was the first day back at home and it snowed. I did a little bit of training, but with temperatures around 15 degrees I couldn’t train for very long. After a bout 30 minutes outside I came in a worked on some training in my basement. 

         Thursday I began doing the Workout of the Day from American Parkour. Since the snow and temperature was so bad I didn’t try training at all outside. That evening the Snow started melting but everything was still really slick.

          Friday my family was catering a dinner, but I managed to spend some time doing parkour on a nice ramp with several railings. This week started with doing parkour in 70 degree temperatures, and now I’ve been training while it was snowing for the past couple days.

          Saturday, the snow melted and then froze into ice, however a few spots that had tried up were descent for parkour. I did a nice wall run on an 8 foot wall, but I didn’t realize my camera’s battery was so low, and the camera died when I was trying to shoot it. In addition to that I won’t be able to get the videos up yet because my Internet can’t upload videos.

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