Parkour and Freerunning 366: Week Five

My 5th week of my Parkour and Freerunning 365.

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      This year I’ve committed to train parkour and freerunning every day. I’m calling it a parkour 366 because it’s a leap year. You can see my weekly videos of my training here

      This week I got allot of training done. It’s my second and last week in Florida, but the weather was great. I tried a couple new tricks, but nothing real difficult yet. The weather cooperated with me every single day this week so I had no excuses for sitting around indoors.

       Monday I worked on simple things, vaults, small drops, etc. Tuesday was a very long day, I first walked about 5 minutes to a small area with benches in the subdivision my family lives in, and worked on vaults and drops. Then I walked another 15 minutes to the little kids park in the sub division. There I shot most the clips from week 5’s video.

       On both Wednesday, and Thursday I went to the park area for about an hour each day. I practiced some rolls, vaults, swing throughs, etc, and tried to jump through a tree that split into two trunks, and then use a branch that was almost horizontal to swing through between the branch and a fern that was under it.

        Friday I was trying allot of things. In the morning I attempted a front-flip, on padding of course, and got a minor rug burn on my right arm. Later I went back to the park and got some final clips for the video this week. On the way back to the house I was staying at, I decided to try and sprint as far as I could, which ended up being about a quarter mile. 

        Unfortunately I didn’t get allot done on Saturday, I just trained for about 30 minutes because I was quite tired from the events of the week. Other than that I just worked on doing some normal exercises.

        Thanks for ready and feel free to check out my Parkour 366 videos, and follow me on twitter @SiveQuest.

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