How to Get Bigger Triceps?

Getting a bigger triceps muscle is often found to be a hard task as it is one of the toughest muscle that responds to weight training. In general, triceps muscle which is present in the upper part of body is known to be a hardest muscle and cannot be easily built by simple training efforts. However, you can increase the muscle strength and promote its growth with a combination of proper triceps muscle building work outs and methods with a muscle building diet.

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This article describes you few simple steps that can help you to build bigger triceps muscles and is as follows:-

1.        Eat as much as you can

It is advised to eat more number of calories daily than you exert in order to build your muscles. You must consume more than 6 meals per day which includes a balanced diet consisting of meat, complex carbohydrates, proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables to obtain an ideal muscle growth. Make sure that your diet is rich in protein to increase the rate of muscle gain and an ideal daily recommended amount of protein is around 1.5 – 2 grams per pound of bodyweight in order to initiate the muscle building process. It is advised to take ample amount of carbohydrates both prior to and post work out sessions as your body can easily utilize carbohydrates as fuel and provide adequate energy for your work outs. It is recommended to build your muscle at rest and hence you must consume 30 grams of protein prior to sleep.

2.          Rest well

Remember that you are breaking your muscles by work out sessions instead of gaining it. It has to be known that rest initiates the process of repair and increases your muscle mass and hence it is advised to sleep adequately. It is advised to plan your work out sessions properly so that you can recover your muscles by providing adequate rest. So, prefer to take rest on a preceding day of your work out session.

3.         Training triceps 

It is advised to start with triceps curls and triceps extensions as these work outs can help you in getting bigger triceps. It is advised to get a proper advice prior to performing a triceps work out as you can promote the growth of triceps by performing a correct technique. You can provide them with a best possible work out by isolating your triceps at every repetitive cycle. Furthermore, it is advised to perform cardio for a minimum period as cardio work outs utilize more quantity of proteins from your body. It has to be known that cardio work out completely relies on protein as it utilizes protein as a fuel which is utmost essential to build muscle mass. Proteins are vital to succeed in any muscle building program.

4.        Training period for triceps

It is advised to train your triceps muscle for not more than twice a week as a triceps muscle is small enough to get strained quickly. In addition, triceps muscle responds well when trained twice a week. Although, triceps muscle recovers fast and gets exposed to strain easily within a short period. Hence, fitness experts recommend it for not more than twice a week.

5.         Tricep work outs

It’s necessary to select a right tricep work out that fits to your body needs and personal target.  It is important to understand the difference between a tricep workout for muscle growth and for strength. It is recommended to rotate your work out sessions once in six weeks as it helps the muscles to get adapted to your present tricep work out session. In the meanwhile, you can benefit from it by selecting another technique to work out your triceps muscle as it is considered to be one of the best methods in reversing a tricep plateau.

In conclusion, getting bigger triceps is not as complicated when you follow a balanced diet and triceps work outs. It does not depend on body type and it has no age limit. It can be built by a special dietary food intake like proteins to promote muscle growth and build stamina. Additionally, it is important to have a good knowledge related to gym work outs to achieve your goal. Hence, it requires a proper effort and hard work to succeed in building the muscle.

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