How to Avoid Being Ripped Off

It is easy once you know how, a leading expert explains this to you….

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How to avoid being ripped off

The one thing that all scams have in common is relying on you being naive and wanting an easy life.  Whether the scam is online,  face to face, over the phone or by post none of them would amount to anything if they did not seem to be offering you something fantastic at a very cheap price or totally for free.  Nobody would fall for them if they did not expect these to turn out as promised.

Here is a great example.  A guy I know got it into his head he had won a new bed for free in a competition.

The man phoned him and told him about his so called prize and arranged to come over with a colleague to deliver it.  He was over the moon about this and eagerly awaited his new bed.  But when the people turned up with  his bed they made excuses and left and took it with them.  He could not understand any of this but this is how it really was.  Firstly, he had never done any competition. So how could he have won it? Secondly, it does not take two salesmen to deliver a bed. Usually you just hire a delivery van to bring it. They do not come in and spend hours discussing it with you and it does not take two people. These people are obvously sales people and they bring over a very cheap bed as a so called prize to get their foot in the door. Then they persuade you to ditch the cheap free bed and buy a much more expensive bed instead. But when they saw that this guy lived in a tatty dirty room and had no money they realised they were wasting their time trying to get money out of him and rushed off with the bed.

There are so called psychics who claim they can do readings for you and tell you all about your future and sort out your problems for free or very cheap.  But then they say that you must pay huge amounts for a spell.   For those who want to know about their future and want to know who to trust go to someone reputable and properly qualified, someone with a lot of experience who is not out to scam anyone. You can go to one here.

How to avoid being ripped off.

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