Assembling Your Four-wheeler

How to assemble your 50cc, 70cc, 90cc or 110cc Four-Wheeler.

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Chinese made four wheelers, ATV’s, quads or whatever you want to call them usually come in steal crates wrapped in cardboard. They are very simple to assemble and come about 70% assembled from the factory. Here are a few steps to make sure that you properly assemble your unit so that you kids can spend countless hours riding their 50cc, 70cc, 90cc or 110cc four wheelers. All American Atv’s have some of the best quality four wheelers out there.

Examining your shipment

Before you even begin to assemble, even before you accept the shipment you must make sure that your four-wheeler has not been damaged during shipping. You should inspect the box for tears, sunk in portion or oil leaks. Many times the shipping company may place heavy boxes on top of these four wheelers and bend the frame, which in turn may damage your shipment. If you suspect your merchandise has been damaged during shipping you should not accept the freight and make sure that you or the driver note the damage on the bill of lading. It is important that you note the damage on the bill of lading as most companies will reimburse you or the shipper for the damaged incurred during shipping. All American ATV’s uses only the best shipping companies to transport their products and inspects every shipment before it is sent out.

Now your ready for assembly

Disassembling the frame

You will first need to disassemble the frame that has protected your four-wheeler since it began its long journey to you doorstep all the way from the Chinese factory it was created in. First you will need to take off all of the cardboard that your four-wheeler was wrapped in. Then you will need to remove the bolts. The bolts are bolted on their pretty good so that the four-wheeler doesn’t move around and get damaged. Once you have take the bolts off you will need two people to lift it out of the frame.

Locating the battery, owners manual and bolts

The unit should come with a bag full of bolts instructions and a basic tool set. It is usually located either next to the four-wheeler or underneath the seat (the seat has a latch in the back that you have to press to remove) there should also be a box with the battery in it somewhere in the shipment. Some batteries are ready to go others you may have to put a water solution in or charge up before you can use them. The battery should come with an instruction book let. The instruction booklet should have diagrams and schematics to help you along but will probably be hard to read since most are translate directly from Chinese to English so more than likely it will not make too much sense. The tools it comes with are pretty flimsy so you might want to use your own tools but if there are none available you will have to work with what you have.

Putting the front tires on

Once you have located everything you begin to put the wheels on. Depending on your model the rear wheels should come already attached and the ATV should be about 70% already assembled. Make sure that the bolts on the rear tires are on there on tight in order for the wheels not to fall out during riding. Have someone help you lift the front of the ATV and attach the two front tires. Again make sure that the bolts are on tight and screwed in appropriately in order to prevent them from falling out. There should be a washer and a pin that will go on there. Twist the pin with pliers in order to secure the bolt on the tire. Check the tire pressure for the tires with a tire pressure gauge in order to make sure the tires have the appropriate amount of tire pressure; the tire pressure depends on the size of the tires it should be listed on the side of the tires.

Attaching the handle bars

Located the handlebars and adjust them to the height appropriate for the rider. You will need to locate the Allen wrench that came in the toolbox to tighten the Allen screws for the four-wheeler. If you do not have an Allen wrench or cant find it you will need to get a hold of one. Make sure that the handle bar height is the correct size for the rider. Depending on your unit you will need to attach the break lever and starter on one side and the thumb throttle on the other side. You can screw this on with a regular screwdriver. Again for safety make sure that they are adjusted appropriately for rider of the four-wheeler. Once you’re done go over all of the screws and make sure they are on tight as sometimes vibration from the engine can cause loose screws.

Attaching the front bumper or front and rear racks (some models)

Depending on the your model you might need to attach the front bumper or the front and rear racks. Located the screws for them in the bag and attach them where the manual tells you to attach them. There are many models out there so it depends on what kind of model you have.

Connecting the battery

Now you will need to connect the battery. First make sure that the battery is charged. Some units come with a complimentary battery charger. Most of these four wheelers operate with a 12 Volt seasonal battery if not charged regularly these batteries may need to be replaced every 3-4 months depending on use. Like I said earlier some batteries come with small liquid bottles for you to put in the battery. This is not battery acid, its simply a water and salt solution that will make the battery work. Locate the water solution pack open it and attach it to the battery until the liquid drains into the battery. Once you have made sure the battery is charged and ready to go you can now attach the battery. Make sure that you attach the positive post to the positive wire and the negative post to the negative wire. Put the battery into its compartment underneath the seat and screw on the terminals to the appropriate post. Attach the banana shaped seat it its place, the latch should click when you attach it and it should be pretty sturdy.

Your ATV, Four wheeler is now Assembled

You are now done and ready to start up your ATV. Before you start up your ATV you might want to change the oil in it as many of them sit in the factory or warehouse for month before they are sold. Since they are mass-produced the factories sometimes use low-grade oil. Changing the oil before your fist start can prevent many problems down the road. Once you have changed the oil you are ready to get it started. If you have any more questions visit us online at All American TV or call us at 213 747 6363. All American ATV’s has a tech available for over the phone troubleshooting advice. Good luck and enjoy your four wheelers.

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