The Hotblood Types of Horses

Hotblood types of horses are beautiful. They are used for many things and they are found all over the world.

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Hotblood horses are ancient and very pure breeds that have had a huge influence on breeding of almost all other horses and ponies.  They are light build, with thin skins and fine coats.  They are high spirited andcourageous and make great horses for experienced riders.

The Arabian belongs to the Hotblood type and they are probably the oldest and most beautiful breed of horse in the world.  They have played an important part in the development of horse and pony breeds in almost every country.  With their head high and tail carriage and floating action, an Arabian horse is easy to recognize.  It is a small horse but it is strong and is famous for its stamina.

The Thoroughbred is considered the fastest breed in the world.  They were produced in England in the 1600 and 1700s by crossing thru Arabian stallions with English mares.  The Arabian stallions were the Darley Arabian, the Godolphin Arabian and the Byerly Turk.  The Thoroughbred has developed into the perfect racehorse.  They have also had a huge effect on horse breeding throughout the world.  They are great at equestrian sports and make good riding horses.

The Anglo-Arab is a cross between the Arabian and the Thoroughbred.  It has the beauty and intelligence of the Arabian and the size and speed of the Thoroughbred.  The breed started in England but most of its development was in France.

The Barb comes from Morocco, in North Africa and is one of the world’s oldest breeds.  They are not beautiful but the Barb is sound, tough and has great stamina.  It is capable of great speed for a short distance.

The Akhai-Teke was bred in the deserts of Turkmenistan, north of Iran.  The Akhai-Teke is an unusual looking horse.  It has a long, lean body, neck and legs.  It is capable of great feats of endurance and is used for long distance riding, racing, jumping and dressage.

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