Rainbow Parade: Partying Against Discrimination

Traditional demonstration against discrimination of homosexuals led to the first time this year the whole ring.

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The theme of the parade, “Born This Way” is to invite you to a public confession and appeal to include heterosexual people alike, and so the organizers.

fancy outfits and naked skin: the thousands of onlookers, the 17th Rainbow Parade on Saturday afternoon on the Vienna ring road probably not become boring, but there was plenty to see. The participants of the procession had left namely in terms of self-dramatization of her imagination run wild. The spectrum presented here by angels over hell, Smurfs, sailor costume couple scantily clad samba dancers to nuns and lots of latex and leather.

Do not miss this year allowed the traditional horse-drawn carriage that was drawn but not by horses but by six people. This time there was to admire two of these carts. “It’s been exhausting, but when the coach rolled once, then it goes,” admitted one of the “horses”. In addition, stand ready reserve personnel: “We are changing ponies, if someone fails in the cycle.” The coaches were one of the most photographed of the onlookers.

In glorious weather was a lot of skin shown.

Around the entire ring

This year, lapped the rainbow parade ring for the first time the complete – start and finish was the town hall. The route led him through the bulkheads ring, for passing along the quay Sweden place, Urania, Stadtpark, Karlsplatz and Heroes Square Town Hall Square.

The convoy was led by the motorcycle group “Dykes on Bikes”. They were followed by two trams of the underground stations. These were painted in rainbow colors. Then came the rest of the 43 groups, including several trucks and colorfully decorated companions. Also part of the Social Democratic Organization (SOHO Social Democratic lesbian, gay and transgender organization) and the Greens were represented other way.

Creative costumes and lots of bare skin

Probably because of the hot summer weather, it was seen very much bare skin – especially in the form of naked torsos. Not only men but also women moved up blank. Some participants covered their breasts with bras, others do only with bold colors. The agony of choice whether the imaginative outfits had the celebrity jury who awarded again this year, the most original costumes and trucks. Among other things, allowed the bearded fictional character Conchita sausage and Life Ball organizer Gery Keszler give comments.

For a party mood at the parade also saw the perfect music speakers were installed on many trucks, from where loud techno beats and disco music sounded. But in addition to the celebratory mood was not forgotten in the political message. Because the rainbow parade is a demonstration against discrimination of homosexuals and transgender people.

On placards held the participants firmly demands and slogans: “The other way is not wrong”, “Free choice of non-gender discrimination and defamation” or “A true Viennese go with queers” was read. Politically, it is also tonight at the closing rally on City Hall Square. There are other things to keep in Councillor Sandra Frauenberger (SPÖ) and Vice Mayor Maria Vassalage (Green) speeches, was announced.

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