Largest Horses in The World

These are the largest horse breeds in the world today.

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The largest horse breeds in the world today are the so called draft breeds. All of the draft breeds of horses were bred to be large so they could haul around heavy loads. All the work horses were used in farming and other heavy labor intensive businesses before machines and trucks took over.

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Today the draft breeds are generally kept as pets and riding horses. A local farm near me breeds Clydesdales and uses them for trail rides and horseback trips and lessons. People love to see these magnificent animals due to their great size and by all accounts they make great pets.

Largest Horses in the World by Breed


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The largest horse ever is believed to have been a Belgian named Brooklyn Supreme who was 19.2 hands tall and weighed some 3,200 pounds. Belgians are the most popular draft breed in the United States today. Generally they will grow to be 17 hands tall and weigh over 2,000 pounds or 1 ton.


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Shire stallions grow to be over 17 hands tall while mares average about 16 hands. Historically Shire horses were used to haul ale and beer from breweries to pubs.


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The Clydesdale breed originated in Clydesdale, Scotland in the early 1800’s. Today Clydesdales generally grow to be 16 to 18 hands tall and weigh close to 2,000 pounds. The famous Budweiser horses are of course Clydesdales.


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The Percheron breed originated in the Perche Province located in the north of France. A typical Percheron will grow to be 16 to 17 hands tall and weigh close to 2,000 pounds. Percheron’s can grow to be up to 19 hands tall and weigh over 2,500 pounds. My Mother grew up on a farm with Percherons and she says they were the most gentle creatures imaginable.


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The Friesian breed originated in The Netherlands during the Middle Ages. The breed was bred as war horses to carry around knights loaded down with armor. Later they were used to haul around artillery. Today a typical Friesian will grow to be 15 to 17 hands high and weigh from 1,600 to 1,800 pounds. In the movie Clash of the Titans two Friesian horses were used to play the part of Pegasus.

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