If Handled Properly Anyone Can Enjoy Horses

Even a Novice or someone with no experience can have fun with Horses if handled Properly and Correctly.

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People that have no experience of horses tend to be fearful of them,and maybe show them to much respect,but yet again that’s to be expected when confronted with a half ton animal that’s mostly packed with muscle.

And yet forsome reason the majority of people love horses,not everyone,but the majority,people I know or people I just frequent with,are all fascinated with horses to some degree. I have been fascinated with Horses all my life,they have the ability to comfort you when you are feeling down,and also they can keep your feet firmly on the ground.It doesn’t matter what you do with your horse,if you’re a hobby rider,if you only have a horse as a pet in the field or stable.And yet if you are an all out competitor in any one of the many various equine disciplines you have these days,horses are still unique.For such a large powerful animal horses can be,and are extremely soft,sweet and kind natured,given respect they will then in turn respect you back,they shall be faithful and truly rewarding.

Never be complacent around a horse always give them the respect they need,and deserve,try your very best not to show them that you are nervous,or scared as they can sense your inner most feelings straight away.They can feel your anxiety especially when you ride them,they sense the tension through the reins into the bridle,they can even feel your nerves by the way you position your lower legs.If you change your leg position by moving them slightly further back behind the girth,as can happen if you tense up,then that’s a signal to the horse and they will take this negatively.Handling horses is all about you being confident when you are around them,keeping it simple never complicate the issue,as far as the horse is concerned they take whatever signals you project onto them.So it’s mighty important that everything you do with the horse exudes confidence,from feeding on the field to mucking out the stable,to grooming,loading your horse onto a trailer or wagon to leading out and riding.But riding is the most important discipline you should show your confidence,as the horse will feel every minuet movement or twitch of nervousness that you make and that will react negatively to the horse.

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