Short description of the Appaloosa horse breed.

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Image via Wikipedia, dark bay, snowcapped leopard appaloosa

Though not many people like these horses because of their wild and high spirit, they are extremly flashy and very unique compared to most horse breeds. They have been used for centuries. And even though their temperments can be hot they can also be very bombproof and kid safe depending on how they were raised.

Some of the beautiful color patterns they come in are: Leopard spotted, drappled, blanket, snowcap, snowflaked, lightning marked, or a combination of those.

Image via Wikipedia dark bay, snowflaked appaloosa

 Image via Wikipedia Bay roan, snowcapped leopard appaloosa

Image via Wikipedia Sorrel roan appaloosa

Image by cupcakes2 via Flickr White appaloosa with black leopard spots.

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