Strange, Weird and Wacky Sports

This article takes a look at some of the strange, weird and wacky sports played throughout the world.

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Can you name me some weird or strange sports?  Basketball, soccer, baseball, football, hockey and a number of other games played are what typically come to mind when someone is talking about sports.  All of the sports mentioned above are the common ones in today’s society but they are not the only ones played.  In fact, over the past two decades or so, there have been a greater and greater number of sports that are played that can be classified as not normal or even strange.  Below I have listed some of the more competitive ones that do not fit into the “normal” concept of sports.  Enjoy the list and who knows, maybe you can be the next champion of one of these crazy sports. 

1.)  Cricket Spitting– Bug Bowl Festival in April played annually at Purdue University.  Object is simple: Whoever can spit totally intact a dead cricket wins the competition.  If any part of the cricket breaks off then that spit is disqualified.  Thousands of people compete in this annually. 

2.)  Underwater Hockey– Played throughout the United States.  Final Tournament’s site is determined each year and varies in location  Game has same concept of regular hockey but puck remains on the pool bottom.  Each player wears fins, masks, snorkels, gloves and helmets.  The average player can stay underwater for 20-30 seconds before having to come up for air.  Timing is the key to winning this game as you do not want your entire team to be surfacing at the same time which would give the opposing team a clear path to the goalie.  Every year there is a tournament with one team winning the title.  A total of 26 teams were in the tourney in 2008 but the number of teams continue to grow every year.

3.)  Man vs. Horse Marathon — Run in Wales in June of every year.  The race is basically what the name says.  Competitors race horses for a total of 26 miles.  The race was actually started by a bet at a local bar 30 years ago and has been raced ever since.  I did some research and could find only one person who actually won the race and beat all of the horses out of the 30 years that the event has occurred. 

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