Skiing: Super-combined: Wengen (Switzerland): Ivica Kostelic (Croatia) Has Won The Race

Ivica Kostelic has won again. This time in the Super Combined. This victory confirms that he is in great shape and is ready to defend his title in Slalom, Super Combined and overall World Cup.

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  Ivica Kostelic has won in supercombined race in Wengen. This supercombined race has one downhill run and one slalom run. After driving downhill Ivica Kostelic had a huge 2.96 seconds behind the leader, Beat Feuz. Ivica finished on 23. place. But then came slalom race and after nearly three seconds behind after downhill run, Ivica Kostelic won the race. Beat Feuz was second with twenty hundredths of a second behind. The third was Bode Miller with a 45 hundredths of a second behind. Natko Zrncic-Dim (Croatia) won the fifth place, while the Tin Siroki (Croatia) won 29th the place.

  This year Ivica Kostelic has won 3 times, and he was 5 times on podium. With this victory Ivica Kostelic has won in Wengen five times and he was on the podium nine times. This was 21 win in his career. The extraordinary success.

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