Benefits of Cycling Sports

The benefits of cycling are the benefits of cycling is good for making cycling a sport that is now a demand by the public. Almost every morning we could see people exercising using the bike.

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Bicycles were first discovered in the late 19 th century in Europe. Then the bike started to spread to the United States and is now known worldwide. Cycling is known as one type of exercise because the benefits of cycling very much for the body.

About the benefits of cycling, in a study conducted in 2009 in Germany to prove that a person who exercise regularly cycling at speeds 1-15 km / h at least one hour per day is more immune to the flu than people who do not do sports cycling , because the metabolism of people cycling more awake and better stamina as well.

To prove one of the benefits of cycling is when you experience pain in your back, you just try to ride every day on a regular basis. Why is that? Because back pain is generally caused by the disc in the spine plate poorly trained so hard to get a backbone of nutrients. With cycling, the plate would move and skilled performance.

Benefits of Cycling Sports

In addition to cope with back pain, there are many other benefits of cycling. Some of the benefits of cycling sports, among others are:

    Cycling can make the body into energy and maintain body shape. This is because when we ride, we make some movement to form, tighten, and strengthen muscles and reduce fat on thighs, calves, and hips.
    Benefits of cycling are able to further reduce cellulite on thighs. Even the cycling movement can also relieve stress on the knee to the ankle as well as when we walk or do aerobics.
    Cycling can facilitate the circulation of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to all parts of the muscles throughout the body.
    The next ride is a benefit to keep us from disease. For example diabetes, because cycling can prevent us from high blood pressure and lose weight.
    Cycling can reduce stress and maintain a healthy heart.

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  1. Posted April 17, 2012 at 11:54 am

    Nice share! My husband and I enjoy cycling in the warmer months. It’s a lot of fun.

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