Benefits of Bicycle in Every Morning

Bicycles can make you more healthy may also reduce pollution levels well start now start cycling as a bike can make you more healthy and youthful. bersepedalah daily routine so your body more healthy and strong and because the bike is also a cheap means of transport.

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Burn Calories
A woman whose body weight about 60 kg when pedaling speed of 22 km / hour can burn about 488 calories in 60 minutes. If your residence is located 8 km from the office, and you ride a bike to the office, at least you are exercising for 20 minutes. If you live close to the office, you can ride your bike twice a week and burn about 3,000 extra calories in the body, about half a kilo in a month.

Muscle Shaping
Typically, the paddle bike has a strong leg. Parts of the leg muscles will work all to help mengayuh. meanwhile legs, upper body, because of strong iron grip controllers will also be formed by itself.

Encouraging Energy
A study published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics found that cycling to raise energy levels by 20 percent and decrease fatigue by 65 percent. Why? Because cycling triggers the brain to release the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is associated with energy. No need to push the bike with full force. The volunteers who pedaled with low speed but regularly (at least 3 times a week) can fight fatigue.

Safe for joints
Cycling lot of pressing the knees, ankles, and spine than walking or cycling. To be safe cycling, be sure that your knees bent only slightly (about 25 degrees) each time the pedal. If the leg is too straight or too bent, try to rearrange the location of your seat.

Every Muscle Feeling Benefits
Try to find a small hill that takes about 10 minutes to climb by bike. Skip the hill was at least 2-3 times, with the pedal position while standing. Pedaling in a standing position will train midsection muscles and triceps.

Protect the Heart
Heart disease is one killer of women who most especially. In one study, researchers asked 32 female respondents to ride a bike at least half an hour a day, three times a week. After a year, it is known that blood pressure the women declined, so did the number of cholesterol, and significantly improve their fitness. Look for sites that cycling can be reached within 30 minutes without stopping, so you can maintain a consistent speed.

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