What Ails Indian Cricket

India has suffered a near white wash with three test matches lost by big margins. Obviously something is wrong with Indain cricket and drastic action is required.

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Indiais the powerhouse of world cricket as far as finance as finance is  c.concerned. It is estimated that 65% of the finance to run world cricket are generated from India.  One reason for this is the immense popularity of the game is the billions of people watch this game and follow the fortunes of the Indian team. To sustain this interest of the masses the people expect that the Indian team will put in a creditable performance when abroad, but the defeat like the one on the present tour of England can act as a dampener to public expectation and some more defeats like this may well kill the goose that lays  the golden egg, the support of the Indian masses.

Obviously something is wrong that a nation ofa billion people cannot produce a match winning combination. For this state of affairs the BCCI( Board of control for Cricket in India) must shoulder the blame. The board is  so intent on making a pile of money that it has let the interestsof Indian cricket go adrift. A few of the ills are outlined below

a) Wrong Selection. This is the bane of Indian cricket with the selectors intent on showcasing the players of their own region, letting national interest go down the drain. One cannot conceivably discern as to how Shewag who had no match practice and was recovering from an injury was allowed to play for India. The same is the case of Zaheer who was unfit and had no match practice for well nigh 5 months prior to this tour. Then there are players like Raina who have done precious little yet continue to be in the Indian team.

b) Aging Stars.Hero worshipping

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is an Indian trait and thus some of the aging stars like Tendulkar, Laxman and Harbhajan Singh continue to rule the roost. These stars have done precious little to help India win abroad and in any case their continued selection has resulted in younger players being left out. The result is that the Indian team has no bench strength and one cannot see any good younger players on the horizon.

c) Wrong Priorities.The cricket board is havingmixed up priorities withthe stress on the 20-20 league and one day cricket. The Indian Premier league  a 20-20 championship has played havoc withtest cricket with the result that players are more attuned to this form of the game and hence come a cropper in test cricket which is the acid test for the game. Could not the board have a shortened version of the IPLso as to leave players with greater time to play test cricket ?

d)Wrong use of Revenue.The cricket board is awash with money  and with so much finance generated the board should have pumped in millions of dollars into the game. But misplaced priorities like paying Ravi Shastri and Sunil Gavaskar 3.6 crores of rupees every year to air the boards views must take the cake. It shows a dangerous politician- old players nexus and is a conduit for money being used for unproductive things.

This is perhaps the tip of the iceberg. The Politicians like Sharad pawar and Vilas Rao Deshmukhhave entered the scene and nothing good can be expected from them in terms of cricket acumen as these worthies have never played the game.

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