Indians are New Icc World Cup Champions in 2011

Team india is best team in worl cup 2011.

This team coach : Gary Kirsten
Ms dhoni( captan)
world cup 2011.

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Team india is best team in worl cup 2011.

This team coach : Gary Kirsten


Ms dhoni ( captan ) wk

Virendra shewag (wise captan)

Sachin tendulakar

Yuwaraj singh

Virat kholi

Gautam gambhir

Yusuf pathan

Suresh raina

Harbhajan singh

R ashvin

Munaf patel

Ashish nehra

Zaher khan

S srisannth

Piyush chawala


1st match started on 19th     february

This world cup a good start by team india  his beat banglades by 81 runs. This match is

High scoreing match.

Virendra shewag make by a  wonderful  century his make by 175 runs

India make by 370 for 4 in 50. Overs

Bangladesh make 283 gor 9 in 50. Overs

Man of the match is viender sehwag

2nd match is man in blue vs man blue india vs Englend

29th  match played at Nagpur

India won the toss and choose bat 1st  sachin,shewag a solet start by

India  the great man sachin tendulkar a make  his 48th  century

His make  120 runs .

india make  338/10 in 49.5 overs

Englends aalso good start his his skipper very good touch and also make a century. his make 158 run his team. And this match could be tied

And man of the match anderw strauss.

3rd   match at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium.Chennai   Ind vs Ire

6th  march   played    

This match is very low scoer match. thiss match very comfortable won by team india . ind won by s 5 wickets

India won the toss and chose filid.

Ireland make 207/10 (47.5 overs)

India make 210/5 (47.5)

Man of the match is yuwraj singh.

4th  match at Feroz Shah Kotla. Delhi.

India vs Netherlend.9th  march played

this match also low scoer match. India beat Netherlands by 5 wickets

Netherlands make 191/10 ( 46.4 overs)

India make  201/5 (36.4)

Man of the match yuwraj sing

Match 5th  india vs south Africa at Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium,

29th   march played

India beting start a very good .the little mansachin tendulkar his mad by his 49th century . india make 296/10 all out whole team.

South Africa make by 300 for 7 in (49.4overs)

 South Africa beat India by 3 wickets.

Now 1st  Quarter Final match in the Ahmedabad

At sardar patel gujrat stadium motera

Tuesday at 3:30 pm

india won the toss and choose filid 1st

Austreliya a good but slow strat. R ashwin straik early. His out denger

Shen waston . Austreliya skipper very good and usefull century. his help Aus make not good but fight back score . 259/6 ( 50. Overs)

India hi also a good but sloe start . wastosn early stric for his team.

Out  V.shewag just 16 runs. Then sachin and yuwraj make good half century. and chase very comfortable win by 4 wickets.

Indai final score 260/6 ( 48.4 overs)

Man of the match is yuwaraj his all round parfomans.


Now a big match semi final  indai vs pakistan

At Punjab cricket association st

Indai won the toss and choose bat 1st

Indai very good and strong start bus shewag out early

And 2nd  wickets patnaershp a very good . gambhir out of

Hafiz a beautyful ball . then indai a big trobal kholi,yuwraj.dhoni.sachin

Also out just india scoer 206/6 then raina a some good shot. India make 260/6  from (50.overs)

Pakistan good start hafiz and akmal but zaheer right time break

Give india . then hafiz a good touch but not played a long ining.

Then no more players still in the  pitch. mishba a fight back but not enough his team make 231/9 (49.4overs)

ndia won by 29 runs .

Man of the match is sachin tendulakar (85 runs)


Now bigge match in the world cup

Man blue vs man blue.Indai vs srilanka

Final match at mumai vankhediyam stadium

Date 9th april  time: 3.30 pm


Sri lanka won the toss and choose bat first

Sri lanka is a not a good start his lost U.tharanga his dismiss early by zaheer khan. His wise captain M.jaywardhana. his made

a dreamfull century . in this team and his make 103 runs just 88 balls

 team make a very good score in the final.

275/ 6 in (50.overs)

Target si 276for India.india a needs a good start

But india is not a good start shewag out just 2nd ball his innings

Malinga straik early.then malinga on the fire his out the big man sachin tendulkar. Indai now a dip trouble indians opners out just 32/2

Now india needs a good and helthy partnership . gambhir and kholi

 Make A good partnership. Then dilshan give break his teams.

Kholi outs just 35 runs this time india scoer 132/3 . after this wickets

A goods partnership gambhie and dhoni. This to make 109

Gambhir out on 97 his just short 3 runs his  century .

then yuwraj and dhoni without any problems win this match.

Dhoni hits a his carry best six then . his notout

India final scoer 277 for 4 (48.2 overs)

Man of the match: M S DHONI

Man of the tournament: yuvraj singh

Champions of 2011 world cuo team indai



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