Cricket in Bangladesh &Ndash; A Matter of Happiness and Sorrow

A big win against a big country make the Bengalese more than happy and proud, the next day when confidence is built, shamefully demises the performance. Reason- first deserve then desire, most of when Bengalese forgetful.

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Cricket in Bangladesh – a Matter of happiness and sorrow.

Prepared by

Md. Rezaul Karim, Assistant Professor, Southern University Bangladesh

Cricket is always a funny game and any team, weak or strong can win in its day yet, it is certainly disappointing that Bangladesh cricket team which has been playing test cricket for last ten years, lost the only test against Zimbabwe, the team which has re-entered the Test Cricket arena after six years. The worse thing is that the Tigers lost in their first two One Day Internationals (ODI) as well. Whatever the result is, the Test between two minnows has been especially discussed in the media due to some off the field plays.

During the last test between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, opening batsman Tamim Iqbal declared Victory as a very ordinary bowler and there was nothing to worry about the bowler but later on, in post match press conference, Tamim claimed that the comment on the bowler was to boost his team mates. However, his comments proved adolescent when Vitory played with Bangladesh batsmen including Tamim Iqbal and contributed significantly in his team’s win in its comeback match. Things were not over rather the young fast bowler claimed five wickets in both his debut in ODI and the second match to seal his team’s easy wins. So, a bowler, who is considered to be ordinary, can turn into an extra-ordinary match winning bowler and it is the beauty of cricket. Cricketers, many a time, rely on statistics but for a debutant statistics chapter remain closed. Even if, Tamim had tried to demoralize Vitory through his comments, Vitory, undoubtedly, won the battle and returned pressure on Tamim. This is why; there is no option to take anybody lightly in cricket.

Fact is that Tamim Iqbal has outclassed some class bowlers during his some outstanding innings which helped him win the Wisden’s Test Player of the Year award but to be honest, still he has to play a lot more match winning innings to be treated as a top batsman in the world. Even Sachin Tendulkar, after playing cricket for more than two decades and achieving almost everything as a batsman, always respect other cricketers and likewise, other players in cricket world respect the Little Master. This is not the first time that a player of the team has shown haughty attitude but we saw these odd behavioral traits in the past especially during 2011 World Cup Cricket. Point to be noted that all the members of the team represent the country, so their behavior should be controlled by themselves and moreover, they should not shift their focus from the game.

Let us come to the team’s performance which was ordinary to say the truth. The team has already passed a decade in the Test Cricket arena; however, performance never suggests that rather the team’s performance, more often than not, vacillates as if it returned to its original position after improving a little. Just consider the case of Zimbabwe team that was not in Test Cricket for six years-batsman scored century in each of the innings, bowlers performance was steady throughout the test and more importantly, the Captain declared their innings even when they had the opportunity to amass a huge total. Surely, Zimbabwe team has shown the true spirit of cricket. Then what about our team-only Ashraful and the Captain played sensibly!

People, who were against the Test Status of Bangladesh team, have, once again, come to the frontline to criticize and they have found enough ground on the issue as a decade in Test Cricket is not a matter of joke. Though some might recall that New Zealand took a lot more time than Bangladesh but this argument is not tenable due to the fact that the number of Test played in those days were very limited. Whatever the logic is against Bangladesh team, there is no doubt about the quality of players and this fact is accepted by all. Another fact is that people do not expect Bangladesh to be the best team in a year or so but needless to say, people expect improvement day-by-day.

Players’ mindset is a vital issue and at the end of the day, score card indicates individual as well as team performance. As a result, performance is the key to be a legendary player. Our cricketers should focus more on cricket rather than off the field activity and Bangladesh Cricket Board should fix a guideline to mould players’ attitude to check odd behavioral traits.

What is the panaceas, if any, indeed there are-

i.                     there should be no fixed team set up, meaning, if I do bad next match gone from the team;

ii.                   Match fee will be forfeited if not target is achieved; accordingly bonuses will be there if over performed.

Behavioral or attitude problem derives when someone gets more than what he/she deserves. Payment should be in line with what one deserves, not a heavy fee should be paid to immature kids like Bangladeshi players! Money spoils.

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