A Glimpse of Bowling

10-pin bowling defined and described through a beginner’s view point. The simplest way to explain the game 10-pin bowling.

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I work in a Company which promotes sports and camaraderie among its employees. In our case, this is achieved through an annual bowling tournament sponsored by the Company for its employees. Just recently, there was an intercompany competition and I proudly congratulate my office mates who won the MEN and WOMEN and bagged the silver and bronze medals, respectively. Now that’s something I really admire. As for me, I’ve finally decided that my bowling career ends from last year’s company tournament. Just like all the other sports I’ve tried, this one’s definitely not for me, either.


I did have my moments with bowling. Actually, my first experience was very memorable to me. Not only because that was my first time ever but because I’ve gained friends. Up to now, a co-employee addresses me with “teammate” even though we had separated teams just last year. I guess I was just fortunate enough to have been teamed up with great players and the best part? We won the game, as in champions. The credits go to them of course, not to mention one of our members used to chant mantras to purportedly control the opponent’s ball. Of course that was just for fun. Due to my strong personal conviction, I do not in any way promote the using of mantras in any competition for that matter. Anyway, we celebrated our team efforts by eating out during one of our lunch times.


Although I realized at an early stage that I really wasn’t for bowling, I was a bit sad when my first tournament experience was over. To express my appreciation towards my team mates who bore with me in all patience despite my downs and downs (hehe) I gave them each a hallmark magnetic card deco. 


My second tournament was okay but my performance did not improve at all. It was so disheartening to always see my name at the bottom of the list. And so bowling and I made a mutual understanding: we do not like each other. Looking back, I’m really sorry now for my team mates because the best contribution I could give was my handicap score which is inversely proportionate to one’s actual performance. Meaning, the less great you are in scoring, the higher your handicap gets. So imagine how high mine was always! Well, I did try my best. At first, I was using a 6-lbs ball until I reached 8 towards the end of the game. But my control is really weak so whatever weight I used, the ball ends up in either the right or left gutter.

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