Cheerleading Stunts Step by Step: The Thigh Stand

A step by step guide to the thigh-stand, for aspiring and current cheerleaders who need either a refresher course of just want to learn how to do the stunt.

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Okay, I’m going to show you a basic cheerleading stunt today:

The Thigh Stand

      Okay, first you have to know the basic parts of this stunt. In the basic thigh-stand we have 2 bases 1 Flier and 1 spot.


The one above is the flier. The objective of all stunts is to get the flier in the air. The base(s) keep the flier up, and the (back, front, side) spots prevent her from falling, the front and back spots also help when the flier is getting down,  and the back is the overseer of the stunt.

Bases -

Right base = Start in a lunge position with your left leg bent and left foot perpendicular to the crowd you are facing.  Your right leg should be straight and your right foot will face towards the crowd.  Keep your upper body facing the crowd at all times. Over lap your knees with the other base. When the flier places her foot, take your right arm around the back of the flier’s left leg and brace above her knee.  Your right hand needs to brace under the flier’s left foot.  Before she steps up, make sure you are bracing her to your body.  For the dismount, join hand withs the flier using your right hand and assist the flier’s waist with your left hand on the way down.

Left Base = Same as right, mirrored, the fliers foot will jump into your hand, so be steady and prepared to grip her foot strongly. Your leg should be in front of the right bases leg.

Flier -

Place your right foot in the pocket of the right base in front of you.  Leave your left foot on the ground and place your hands on the shoulders of the bases. Step off of the ground with your left foot, pushing off of the bases shoulders, locking your legs, and riding your hips up. Place your left foot in the pocket of the left base in front of you. Once both feet are secure, lift your chest up and finish with whatever pose your Coach recommends (Typically a Hi-V or goalpost). When coming down, grab the hands of both bases and jump down.

Back Spot -

Start behind the flier and grab their waist with your hands, steadily. Follow her up and down with the stunt, never letting go until her feet touch the ground.


There is another variation of this stunt, the single-based thigh-stand.


The set up is the same, only there is a single base holding up the stunt. For the flier, the leg is generally either out to the side, pushed backwords, or curled, as pictured.


Thats it for this stunt. Have fun cheering, and remember – NEVER LET THE FLIER HIT THE GROUND.

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