Cheerleading Stunts Step by Step – The Shoulder Sit

A step by step guide to the shoulder-sit, for aspiring and current cheerleaders who need either a refresher course of just want to learn how to do the stunt.

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The Shoulder Sit

A Basic Cheer stunt, step by step.

Okay, first of all, a basic shoulder sit has 1 flier, 1 base, and a back-spot is optional.If you are trying it for the first time though, I would recommend you have a spotter nearby for safety.

A quick overview of stunt positions for newbies, you can skip if you already know this:

The one above is the flier. The objective of all stunts is to get the flier in the air. The base(s) keep the flier up, and the (back, front, side) spots prevent her from falling, the front and back spots also help when the flier is getting down,  and the back is the overseer of the stunt.


Base- Lunge forward, creating a pocket with your leg, as you would preparing for a thigh stand. When the fliers foot is in the pocket, wrap your arm securely around that leg. Move with the flier, as she swings her leg over your opposite shoulder, simultaneously put your other arm around that leg and streighten until you are standing your full height. Once she is up there, keep your hands over her knees, pulling down.

Flier- Place your foot evenly in the pocket of your bases bent knee. Stand up straight, and swing your leg over the other shoulder of the base. Once your leg is securely over the side, you may sit down on her shoulders.

Possible Spots – In this stunt you don’t need to touch the flier, keep a close distance, and if she is scared or is close to falling, call down the stunt.


xRemember: Never let the flier hit the ground!

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