Winning Numbers, Chris John Preserve Degree

Singapore – Chris John retainedhis feather weight world champion WBA boxing body version for the 16th time. Boxer nicknamed the Dragon that won an absolute figure of a Japanese opponent, Shoji Kimura.

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Appears dominant from the first round, Chris John was barely able to fight from his opponent. After 12 rounds passed, the three judges declared Chris John wins the match with the numbers 117-110, 118-109 and 118-109.

Chris John is actually targeting a knockout victory in at least nine rounds in this game. However, survival strategies exhibited Kimura makes Chris was unable to achieve it.

This is the time to-16 Chris John retained his world championship, he had to since 2003 after defeating Oscar Leon. Indonesia Chris John to ensure success thistime had two world champions, having earlier in the KO win over David Jordan Lorenzo Villanueva.

Targeting the ninth round TKO, Chris John immediately appear aggressive in the first round. However, only in the second round he looked mndominasi game by launching a lot of hook and jab punches.

Chris John is really dictate his opponent until several rounds later. Despite continued to bombard the enemy with a variety of punches, Kimura still shaky. Survival strategies proveneffective by reducing the double cover of Chris John. Besides meeting Kimura also frequently played and continues to embracethe Chris John.

Up to six rounds Chris John at allcan not fight from Kimura. Some are released counter the Japanese fighter did not bother Chris.

But in the seventh round of ChrisJohn had created staggering. He missed time from three to four strokes Kimura smooth landing on his face. Lucky boxer’s full name is Yohannes Christian John was still able to hold and release some of the backlash.

In subsequent rounds Chris John again dominant. But the target ishit down the opponent not happen, because until round 12 Kimura can still survive the onslaught being waged.

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