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Pound for pound the 10 Best Boxers in Boxing Right now.

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Everyone has a list, best foods, best destinations, top Super Bowls, best guacamole you name it and they are all subjective.  This list right here fits right into that category. Pound for pound is a term used in combat sports to describe a fighter’s value in relation to fighters of different weight classes.  As these fighters do not compete directly, judging the best fighter pound for pound is subjective and ratings vary. The term was historically associated with fighters such as Benny Leonard and Sugar Ray Robinson who were widely considered to be the most skilled fighters of their day, to distinguish them from the generally more popular (and better compensated) heavyweight champions.  The criterion used to compile the list below was quality of opposition, gameness, the ability to adjust, heart, stamina and ring smarts.  So without further ado, the Top 10 Boxers of right now, Pound for Pound from 10-1…..

10Vitali Klitschko, Record: 44-2 (40KO’s) HeavyWeight-His Knockout Percentage speaks for itself.  He has not lost in almost 10 years, and even that loss was debatable, against Lennox Lewis.  Literally spending years politicking for a rematch, Lennox Lewis would rather retire.  Vitali’s right hand is devastating but it is his ability to use his height and reach advantage that puts Dr. Ironfist in the top two of the Heavyweight Division.  With a 86.96% knockout percentage rate, he holds the second best knockout-to-fight ratio of any champion in heavyweight boxing history, after Rocky Marciano’s 87.76%. He has never been knocked down in any professional boxing bout and has also never lost a decision.  He would give any Heavyweight of any era his money’s worth.    NEXT FIGHT vs Manuel Charr on SEPT 8th 2012

09.  Nonito Donaire, Record: 29-1 (18KO’s) Junior Featherweight- The Filipino Flash is a four-division world champion and the reigning WBO and IBF Super Bantamweight Champion. He is also the former WBC and WBO Bantamweight, Interim WBA Super Flyweight and IBF FlyweightChampion. He is a known switch-hitter with the ability to fight either southpaw or orthodox, but what puts him a class above the rest is his ability to make in ring adjustments and the speed to take chances.  He is finally getting out of the shadow of his countryman Manny Pacquiao and setting his identity as a completely different type of fighter than Manny.  His upcoming superlight with #1 ranked Toshiaki Nishioka is sure to be a fight of the year candidate.  He has not lost a fight in over 10 years.  NEXT FIGHT vs Toshiaki Nishioka on OCT 13th 2012

08.  Timothy Bradley, Record: 29-0 (12 KO’s) WelterWeight-  Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley has been an underdog his whole life, which is actually a good thing.  It takes the pressure off when your not the “golden one”.  It is another reason he comes into every fight focused and mentally ready and has an unblemished record to prove it.  You can’t help but feel bad for him though, after winning the biggest fight of his life against Manny Pacquiao, he still does not have a plan of action for his immediate future, which is ok with him, because if there is one thing Tim knows, it is how to win against all odds.  NEXT FIGHT vs TBD

07.  Anselmo Moreno, Record:  33-1 (12 KO’s) BantamWeight-  Who?  He is another fighter who has not lost a fight in over a decade and has actually won 4 of his last 7 by Technical Knock Out.  He is riding a lot of momentum and has just signed a four fight deal with Golden Boy Promotions.  He is the current WBA Super World BantamWeight Champion and is riding a wave of momentum into the future.  He does not have anything lined up at the moment, but at 35 years old, this gentleman is reaching his peak.  His greatest asset is his experience,  ring savvy, and his will to win.  NEXT FIGHT vs Abner Mares OCT 27th 2012

06.  Juan Manuel Marquez, Record: 54-6-1 (39KO’s) Light WelterWeight-  He is a rare breed of boxing tactician and technician.  His later years have seen him become more of the aggressor, which has made for some compelling fights given his natural counter punching abilities.  If he cannot get a rematch with Manny Pacquiao, he is more than willing to get in the ring with another pound for pound contender, Timothy Bradley.  That would be a lucrative fight for both men, given their “Pac Man” connection.  Jmm is getting close to his final fights in boxing and it would behoove all boxing enthusiasts to watch him before he is gone.  NEXT FIGHT vs TBD

05.  Andre Ward, Record: 25-0 (13KO’s) Super MiddleWeight-  The future is bright for young Andre Ward.  The beginning of his career seemed really handpicked and forcibly slow for such an amazing talent, but his handlers had a plan, and it payed off in dividends.   He is the current WBA (Super), WBC and The Ring Super Middleweight Champion. Currently, Ward is rated among the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world. He is rated #6, #6 and #5 by Yahoo! Sports,[3] Sports Illustrated[4] and The Ring[5] respectively. Ward was a Gold Medalist at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Ward was named Ring Magazine fighter of the yearin 2011.   He has never lost a boxing match at any level competitively.  A proven winner and he will face his toughest challenge to date when he faces “Bad” Chad Dawson on Sept 8th.  A lot of fighters claim they fight the best, Andre Ward has the resume to prove it.  NEXT FIGHT vs Chad Dawson on SEPT 8th 2012

04.  Wladimir Klitschko, Record: 58-3 (51 KO’s) HeavyWeight-  The Klitschko Brothers are beasts.  There is no other way to put it.  Right now they are winning practically every single round versus every single opponent and they don’t seem to be slowing down.  The question must be asked, are they the two best because the Heavy Weight Talent pool is low, or are they the one making it look easy, making other good fighters seem mediocre.  Only history can tell, but the fact remains that the stats like owning every major belt in your weight class is an achievement virtually unprecedented for brothers.  Wladimir is a technician with surgical precision.  In the ring he is cold, robotic, and unrelenting with his 1-2 combo.  What makes him that much greater is that all his opponents know what he is going to do….jab, jab, right hand, and they still are defenseless.  He is the current ddefending WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, IBO & The Ring Heavyweight titlist.  He would have definitely held his own against any of the greats.  NEXT FIGHT vs Mariusz Wach on NOV 10th 2012

03.  Sergio Martinez, Record: 49-2-2 (28 KO’s) MiddleWeight- He is the current The Ring Middleweight Champion.  He is the former WBC & WBO Middleweight Champion[3][4] and recipient of the WBC Diamond belt. Martinez was previously in the light middleweight division, where he held the WBC Light Middleweight title (Interim then elevated to full status champion), as well as the WBC Latino title. Also, he has competed in the welterweight division, where he held the WBO Latino title. Martínez is currently rated as the number three pound for pound best boxer in the world by most sporting news and boxing websites, including The Ring, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and Yahoo! Sports. In 2010, Martínez received The Ring and BWAA “Fighter of the Year” and The Ring “Knockout of the Year”awards, respectively.  In other words, he is a monster in the ring.  His style is eccentric, fighting entire rounds with his hands down and never seeming to tire.  He is trying to land a Mayweather fight and depending on how he looks against undefeated Middleweight Champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, we will see what happensNEXT FIGHT vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr on SEPT 15 2012

02.  Manny Pacquiao, Record: 54-4-2 (38 KO’s) WelterWeight- If a typhoon and Bruce Lee would ever have a baby, the product would be Manny Pacquiao.  He is a force to be reckoned with at any weight class.   A fighter like him only comes along once in a generation, someone who can captivate an audience and finish the fight with a single glaring blow.  Although he officially lost the fight to Tim Bradley, that score can be dismissed by watching the tape where 97 % of fighters, fans, commentators, and coaches had Pacquiao winning by large margins.  We are all waiting for the Super Bowl of Boxing when he finally enters the ring against the other Living Legend, Floyd “Money” Mayweather.  Until they actually step into the ring with each other, we can all sit back and speculate on who and why they would win.  NEXT Fight vs TBD

01.  Floyd Mayweather Jr., Record 43-0 (26 KO’s) WelterWeight-  When all you do is win, it is hard to argue who is the best, and Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the poster boy for winning.  As polarizing as he is, he is a much needed jolt into the arm of boxing, and when he fights, the world watches.  Cotto pushed him and Floyd had a chance to fold, but he didn’t, the dragon came out, and if the fight were 2 more rounds, he would have the Warrior Cotto out on his shield. But he was pushed and that is what everyone wanted to see, what he would do when he was challenged, when someone didn’t fold and fought back, and for the first time that I could remember, Floyds face was bloodied.  It was almost shocking to see that.  But the dragon came out and Floyd did what he does best, and that is win.  It is rare to have the #1 and #2 pound for pound fighters in the same weight class.  For all the sport has given Floyd and Manny, it would be a dishonor to boxing to not have them step into the ring together.   NEXT FIGHT vs TBD


The Standing 8 Count

1.      Chad Dawson vs Andre Ward is an example of the best fighting the best.  We hear a lot of boxers talk about fighting the best, but don’t talk about, be about it.

2.      Dream Match Up- Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero vs  Adrien “The Problem” Broner @ 140lbs

3.      Eric Morales vs Danny Garcia = War    Word on the street is Eric Morales is training like a beast………hmmmmmmm

4.      Bob Arum and 50 Cent are on talking terms and may Co-Promote a fight early next year

5.      San Antonio is on a collision course to become a “Mecca of Boxing” in the next 5 years

6.      A shot out goes to the Raging Babe Michelle Rosado, an Arizona based Boxing Promoter who is doing nothing but big things.  Please check out her website at

7.      USA BOXING: Claressa Shields Claims Gold and Marlen Esparza earned Bronze, If you don’t know who these two are, you better ask somebody.  Congratulations to these two female Warriors.

8.       Boxing motivation at its finest right here ———à

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