Squared Circle Blog Karma May Have Killed Orton’s Career

Takin a look at the body count from sundays " Over the Limit"

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“ Squared Circle Blog” Karma may have killed Orton’s Career

Last night’s “ Over The Limit” PPV was a costly one to the Raw roster last night. Ted Jr. may have had a concussion , they had to staple Punks head back together and the Viper has hurt his shoulder again. Also Rey may have bumped his head way to hard for his own good . Its rather Karmic to note that this Show was much more Extreme then the Extreme Rules PPV from last month.

Starting off with Ted Jr. going up against R Truth. This was about the Truth turning him down about being the new Virgil. didn’t really see when it happened but it wasn’t hard to tell that Junior’s bell got rung somewhere down the line . It should keep him out of Raw tonight so I don’t see to much from either till next week. I have a hard time thinking that R Truth was supposed win that match so who knows how long this will last.

In what was with out a doubt the best match of the night , CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society came after Rey Mysterio in a Hair vs. joining the SES match that to me brings up a interesting question to me . In this era of PG with no blood can they really afford to stop the momentum of a good match to clean up a wound and maybe risk the studio audience turning on them . Last night they had to stop three of the high profile matches last night and you could tell that it wasn’t sitting well with the crowd . Blood for blood sakes is wrong , but blood in the context of a story or a match is just part of the whole picture. If you try and hide it just makes you look foolish . You like to make a big deal about banning Chair shots to the head , well when Punk has to have 16 staples in his head , it means his head is hitting something. Whether it be the Banner on the Announce table , or getting thrown out the ring and landing on a barber chair, there’s going to be some potential for blood.

And know we come to Mister Orton , the Viper , whatever they want to call him. This slow Face turn that they accidentally fell into may have to be shelved for awhile . Orton has Injured the same shoulder yet again . As of yet we don’t know how bad if it’s the same shoulder on the side where he broke his collarbone thats a problem that will put one of their elite stars on the shelve for at least part of the summer . Quote Mr. Kennedy/Anderson ‘Karma’s a M!@#$%^&*()r

Well it’s official , Brett Hart is now the new GM of Raw and Batista is now nothing but a memory . I really don’t know how this all came about but now is not the time to be losing all of your good people . They could have handled the whole thing a lot better then what they did.

Last but not least , we come to Daniel Bryan / Bryan Danielson and the early death of NXT. Even with there own in ring people telling them that Bryan was the best of the crop they have , they still insist on burying him to the whole world . Well the past few promo’s he has cut and the heat he is generating with Michael Cole means he’s ready for the big time and they need to get him on a show , preferably with the Miz. In a world where Drew McIntyre is their Chosen one and they book him the way they have , its no wonder their in ring talent is so screwed up.


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