On Red Carpet Reporter Kisses Will Smith Slap! Pictures N Videos

In "Men in Black three ‘a Russian reporter went on oral contact. Will Smith watschte him one.

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Boeing! Vitali Serdjuk Will Smith gets a slap

Another perspective: Will Smith arrived

Russian TV presenter tries Vitali Serdjuk happy as a cheap imitation of Sacha Baron Cohen (”Borat”). Serdjuk already bugged Kylie Minogue and Madonna in front of the cameras.

But now one of his interviews had consequences. When he wanted to press the “Men in Black 3″ premiere in Moscow at the end of his interview Will Smith (43) on the red carpet a kiss on the mouth of Smith scoured Serdjuk got one.

“What the hell is your problem, man,” he called out to Will Smith and told the other reporter, “He kissed me on the mouth”.

After standing around a bit befuddled Serdjuk, Will Smith moved on. Further advances were no longer followed. And Serdjuk may well be glad that Will Smith did not remember too much of his role as Muhammad Ali ..

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