Obituary : Former Boxer Joe Fraizer World Dies

Joe Fraizer famous trilogy of passing duel with the world of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

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Former world heavyweight champion, Joe Frazier died in hospital, Philadelphia, USA, Monday, November 7, 2011. Boxer by the name ring breath Smokin Joe, at the age of 67.

As reported by, Tuesday, November 8, 2011, Frazier died of liver cancer. Frazier is a famous boxer in the trilogy fight with boxing legend Muhammad Ali in the years 1971-1972.

“We are a family of the 1964 Olympic gold medalist and former world heavyweight Jaura and win the title of Boxing Hall of Fame, Joe Frazier on his death,” reads the official opinion of the Fraizer family.

A week before his death, Frazier said that the weight dropped 50 pounds. But when colleagues such as Jesse Jackson and Larry Holmes is planning to visit, refused bertipikal swallows boxer.

“Joe did not want to see anyone, the road that runs today,” said the director, Les Wolff. “I think you understand why. It was a proud man,” he said.

Fraizer is the first boxer to beat Muhammad Ali. And the first battle took place in 1971. Not only in the ring to fight, both fighters were also involved in the Cold War, out of the ring. The controversy began in a comment typical scratchy and Muhammad Ali.

In the fight which took place at Madison Square Garden March 8, 1971, the success of Ali beat Frazier. When the referee gave the victory to Frazier.

Ali filed a rematch and wins the game which took place at the same place a year later.

The third fight was held in Manila, Philippines. Mourning is known as “The Thrilla in Manila. ‘Condemned’ Ali Fraizer in this match. Beats Ali makes eyes almost swollen shut. Round the referee stopped the match 14 and said Ali TKO win.

During 1968-1973 Fraizer won 32 games including 27 that ended in knockouts. Meanwhile, four losses he suffered when he met Ali and George Foreman – at all times. Fraizer also had a tie once.

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