Mayweather Versus Ortiz

The Fight between Mayweather versus Ortiz.

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Mayweather versus Ortiz



     Here we go again! Floyd “Money” Mayweather (41 – 0, 25KO) matching up “Vicious” Victor Ortiz (29 -2- 2, 21KO) the fight before the fight. It’s going down Sept 17th between the undefeated Champ in Mayweather and the young, hard punching rising star lefty Ortiz. Floyd is calling the bout “the fight before the real fight”. Ortiz will be a tune up for Pacquiao. The momentum is behind Ortiz, who is coming off a “fight of the year” consideration after defeating unbeaten Welterweight Champion Andre Berto.

      Mayweather hasn’t fought a bout since May 2010 against Shane Mosley and just fought once in 2009 and none in 2008. He might be rusty in his upcoming fight but will never know what the wily vet has until that bell sounds off.

      Ortiz is considered to be hitting his peaking point and is on top of his game. Considering that, Mayweather’s undefeated record could be in serious jeopardy. Mayweather better be training and preparing or he might get caught sleepin’ by a hard hitting Ortiz. These fighters are both brawlers and have been through their share of adversity. Expect to not only see the boxer-puncher style of Ortiz but of Mayweather as well. Ortiz has said if it came down to brawling, he will “put it on” Mayweather. It could result in a knockout on either side, and that’s something both are capable of delivering.

    Still undefeated Mayweather is up against a younger, power pack puncher who happens to hold a welterweight belt that was formally his. Mayweather critics have craved for this fight to see him in action and would probably the biggest premier fight in this boxing year. Fresh from his last fight, Ortiz is stronger and more powerful than he was before and this gives him an opportunity for a huge pay day.

      If what Ortiz’s camp says is right, then Mayweather might be walking into a tornado. Ortiz is very confident in his craft and matches up well against a defensive counter puncher who fights out of the orthodox stance in Money May.

    Great thing to add is that Ortiz is much younger than the veteran. Tito is 24 years of age and is risking fighting out of his weight class for the credibility and big money to be made. Mayweather, judging by his track record as one of the most if not the most determined fighters this decade, will be ready.

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