Effluxion of Time in Boxing. 1St Generation

It shows the time elapses and passes away so quickly. It induces a sense of belonging and sensitivity to humans which raises our moral to let us know and feel that everybody’s time would definitely come.

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     We take the time to reflect on some four(4)generations in the boxing fraternity and how the effluxion of time has given birth to new ones.

      According to so many people, the generayion I consider Generation One which starred Boxers like Joe Louis, Jack Johnson and Rocky Marciano are considered by them, the best.

      Joe Louis had good looks and was regarded by many as an American Idol. He recorded one legitimate loss. He is not popular with kids and fans of the new generation of the Boxing Fraternity. Jack Johnson, who was undefeated for a whole decade would be regarded by so many people who saw him fight either by sight or through the black and white images as the greatest, so is Rocky Marciano. Rocky Marciano holds one famous accolade which is attributed to him as being the only undefeated Heavy-weight champion of the world. Kids in the 80’s might have heard about him because he was been argued about in the 1988 Hit Movie-”Coming To America”. which starred Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall.

      Although these great men were really good at their respective times and moments when called upon but the effluxion of time brought into content a new generation which I label Generation 2

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