Brock Lesnar to Coach The Ultimate Fighter 13

The UFC announced that heavyweights Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos will be coaches for Season 13 of the popular show, The Ultimate Fighter.

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Brock Lesnar was originally a “sports entertainer” for the popular WWE organization before he decided to take a serious turn in his career and fight for the UFC. The former heavy weight champion will now be one of the head coaches for The Ultimate Fighter. Some fans and critics have noted Lesnar’s lack of a record (currently 5-2) and question his experience to coach a group of fighters. 

The question of Lesnar’s ability to coach should not come from his record. Many forget that Lesnar was a NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion at the University of Minnesota. Therefore, he has much experience in the field.

Lesnar’s potential coaching weakness is his camp. DeathClutch camp is centered around Lesnar and his coach, Marty Morgan is in charge of bringing in training partners and fighting coaches to help Lesnar prepare for a fight. The camp will need to have a different approach in order to train the seven fighters that Lesnar will be receiving for the show. If Morgan is able to bring in the right coaches and trainer partners to assist him and Brock, then the camp will have a chance in creating a formidable team of welterweights.

Once the season wraps up and a winner is announced, Lesnar will have to fight opposing team’s coach Junior Dos Santos. The show will premiere on Spike TV, Wednesday, March 30.

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