Amir Khan Danny Garcia….where Do We Go From Here….

Danny Garcia knocks out Amir Khan in Spectacular fashion in one of Boxing Biggest upsets.

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Back in my army days, when I was jumping out of airplanes and landing on my fourth point of contact, my jumpmaster said something to all of us that still resonates today, “jumping is a very scary thing, every time you enter that plane there are so many things that can happen that are out of your control.  You can lose your life, many have, so it’s okay to be nervous, it keeps you sharp, focused.  I need all of you to make a promise not to me, but yourselves. The moment you don’t feel nervous about jumping out of a plane 10,000 feet in the air….. is the moment you need to quit jumping.” 

It may have been the moment Amir Khan said he was going to make quick work of Garcia (click for article) or the moment he was contemplating a December fight with Mayweather (click for article) that it dawned on me.  Amir Khan is complacent about this fight and complacency kills.  At 140lbs, Amir Khan is one of the most gifted fighters in the division.  He has the speed, slickness, experience, and savvy to beat any of the contenders and if he were to ever fight Tim Bradley at 140 I would have Amir winning the fight…..but he has now lost 2 of his last 3 fights and is at a crossroads.  Someone with so much talent should be dominating division after division.  Two things are holding him back though, his lack of self reflection (a moment to realize his strengths and weaknesses) and his inability to figure out who he is when he’s inside the ring.

Where does he go from here?  He definitely needs to leave the 140lb division and move up to 147.    The added weight should help with his punch resistance (if he bulks up his upper shoulders and neck muscles) and I feel 147 is where he belongs.  His heart is at the Welterweigh division anyways.  He is too good to be fighting tomato cans though.  Kell Brook (who?) should be his first stop in DEC, in the UK to get his confidence back up and by spring time next year he should be ready for a fight labeled “Crossroads” VS Victor Ortiz (make it happen Golden Boy).  Winner moves on to bigger and better things.  Amir has a fighter’s spirit with a jaw made of porcelain.  I wish him the best.And Danny Garcia?  Saturday night was good victory for a yound lion.  He should do what Tim Bradley and Amir Khan couldn’t, which is clean out the 140lb division.  He’s an undefeated fighter from Philly which says a lot in itself.  He does nothing spectacular (except win) but does many good things in the ring.  I think his greatest attribute is that he knows who he is.  He knew Khan had the advantage in size and speed, but he said it himself before the fight, “Timing beats speed any day….he will need more than speed to beat me…” (link KO Garcia and hurt him).  That and he was also hungrier.  The lineup looks to be a unification fight with IBF Champion Zab Judah in Atlantic City before the end of the year and then Juan Manual Marquez in the spring.  The future looks promising.

The Standing 8

·    * Why is Canelo fighting Joselito Lopez again?

·    * I would love to see Adrien Broner pushed by Vicente Escobedo this weekend

·    * Then step up class and fight Yuriokis Gamboa at 126lbs (Yuri would have to move up in weight)

·    *140 lb Tournament with Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah, Lucas Matthysse vs Lamont Peterson, Brandon Rios vs Marcos Maidonna, and Juan Manual Marquez vs Mike Alvarado

·    * I was somewhat disengaged with Floyd Mayweathers ramblings about PEDs in the sport of boxing….…seems he was right after all

·     * I feel bad for Timothy Bradley

·     *  Is Floyd really going to make a rematch with Cotto in DEC?

·     * Is 2012 the year of the upset?

About the Author:Q. Cardenas, Army Veteran of 2 Wars, Founder of Mult Task International, Creator of the world renowned iPhone app “amrevolution” (click for link),  is an avid video game enthusiast, habitual procrastinator, has laced up the gloves a few times, enjoys long walks on the beach, talking about zombies and is passionate about boxing and the warriors that call themselves Boxers.  You can reach him at or on Facebook by clicking here.  He is also the author of the Boxing Blog, “Boxing Buzz”

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