Mayweather Use Fake Pacquiao Challenge as a Camouflage to Justify Fight with Cotto

Floyd Mayweather Jr. never intended to fight Pacquiao when he personally negotiated the fight through a phone call. Every move Floyd makes, there were always consultations with his team led by adviser Leonard Ellerbe. And Floyd was able to hatch up a seemingly believable plan. Did it work?

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Unfair and humiliating Floyd offer

With Floyd’s offer of a non-negotiable $40-million guarantee money for Pacquiao with all pay-per-view profits going to Floyd, there was really no intention to fight the world’s only record-holder of 8 division titles, another cash cow of boxing and considered as the world’s most exciting and admired fighter Manny Pacquiao. The fake negotiation was only intended to cover up and justify why Mayweather will fight Puerto Rican fighter Miguel Cotto.

It is clearly a 50-50 deal fight

The most clamored fight predicted to break all-time sales records between two top and bankable fighters in the word will always be a 50-50 deal. Floyd said his fight earned more sales than Pacquiao but that is not the gauge to use now. If his math is correct, his lead is not that so far away from Manny. It is not who made much money between the two but the match-up.

Floyd plans to fight Cotto all along and not Pacquiao

Floyd and his team of advisers think that Pacquiao’s leftover Cotto has a big following among his countrymen and will still buy the fight even if Cotto has no chance to win. They think that they just have to have some plans to hype the fight and get away with the boxing world’s most clamored immediate fight with Manny Pacquiao. The plan: make a believable but fake attempt to negotiate. Make a noisy dare and challenge to Pacquiao, make the first move by a personal call but make sure Pacquiao will decline.

Pacquiao leftover and the blueprint to win

Floyd has been bragging that Pacquiao only fought his leftovers and already showed the blueprint to beat them. Now Floyd is so quiet about Cotto being a Pacquiao leftover and the fact that Pacquiao also showed the blueprint to beat Cotto. It now seemed Floyd is just all talk.

Pacquiao’s counter-offer is fair and more thrilling

Pacquiao’s latest counter-offer of a 50-50 purse split and a 70-30 PPV split with the 70 going to the winner is a very courageous offer and a sign of confidence to win. The Mayweathers has been saying all along that Floyd beating Manny is going to be a walk in the park so there is no reason to decline the offer. The Pacquiao proposal is a very a good selling point and will make the matchup much more exciting.

Why take the very risky fight with Pacquiao?

Many think Floyd’s fight with Pacquiao is a very risky one for his clean career slate. If Floyd’s fight with Miguel Cotto sells again, then Floyd will most probably repeat the fake stunt to justify another fight with another crowd-drawing fighter. The fake negotiation only wasted the time of Manny Pacquiao and justify why Floyd did not fight him. If Floyd can sell his fights with easier opponents, why take the riskier one. Why risk his life and limbs fighting the deadly Pacquiao? Floyd can always cover his boring fights with his pre-fight noise and stunts. Floyd loves those WWE stunts and fake fights.

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  1. Koji
    Posted March 8, 2012 at 3:35 am

    Floyd said it himself “boxing is no longer real” and “At the end of the day, Floyd do what he has to do. Floyd must be happy”. “Self preservation, baby”!!!

    A clear sign of cowardice.

  2. JimLaney
    Posted March 8, 2012 at 5:36 am

    I really thought it was real – Floyd’s call to Pacquiao. The news is so big that it sounds real. But when i knew about Floyd’s unrealistic offer then it became a shame. We’ve been had.

  3. cusdamato51
    Posted March 8, 2012 at 11:45 am

    With all of Floyd’s antics and reasonings of why his fight with Pacquiao did not materialize, he is a fake great fighter. He’s gonna be filthy rich alright and he’s been telling us that he’s all about money so why waste our time and money with him with his fights? Who are the real fools? You’ll see them all on TV in his fight with Cotto. Hahahahaha!!!! fools!

  4. mab
    Posted March 18, 2012 at 9:29 am

    So true..

  5. boxingfan
    Posted March 18, 2012 at 10:41 am

    He should be called ….Floyd \\\” Self-Preservation\\\” Mayweather!!!

  6. madbox 1757
    Posted March 18, 2012 at 11:11 am

    When the fight is done, Hbo’s gonna be quite on the ppv numbers I bet…but maybe it’ll do more numbers than the Ortiz fight…or so the gayfeathers pray.

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