Dangers of Being Seasick

Is it dangerous to be seasick? Could it kill you?

No, you can not die of the seasickness itself. However the seasickness is very or even extremely dangerous in some cases. A person who is seasick, or extremely seasick could not think clearly and could not take care of himself, and can even be a danger to the rest of the crew (especially on a smaller craft).

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A person that is really seasick has a hard time to make any decisions. Actually if a person is really seasick you know that every in every decision he is to try to increase the chances to make the seasickness stop. There are even records of people that are trying to take their life’s if seasick, just to make it stop. Other common thought is if they manage to jump overboard the movement/seasickness will stop and they will increase their chances to survive. Also if a very seasick person is taking care of the navigation , he is more likely to take a route closer to land to increase the chances of getting away from the sea (If it is bad weather is commonly known that it might be safer to stay away from land).

I would strongly recommend staying away from or minimizing the seasickness if possible. Look at my other article for hints on what to do to minimize the risks of getting seasickness. http://sportales.com/boating/seasickness

I’m just a leisure sailor, sometimes doing blue water sailing. I have been seasick a couple of times, and knowing the above information, and how to ease the seasickness helps a lot. I must admit that I have taken pills a few times, but I have never seen any difference. I do tent to get one of those patches you place behind your ear if I plan to sail nonstop for a couple of days and the forecast tells me its going to be bad weather.

So final word, try to stay away from seasickness, and if you or anyone else gets seasick, be aware of the risks.

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