Famous Filipino World Pool Champions (9-balls)

Four Filipinos who are known for their skills and talent in the game of pool, specifically in 9-ball games, have each won the prestigious WPA 9-ball title since 1999 when Filipino cue artist Efren “Bata” Reyes first won the title. Since then, three other Filipinos have joined Reyes as World Pool 9-ball champions.

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EFREN “BATA” REYES, 1999 World Pool Champion(WPA World 9-ball Championship)

Efren Reyes is the first Filipino to capture the WPA World 9-ball championship held in Cardiff, Wales in the United Kingdom in 1999.

Before winning the prestigious championship event, Reyes has been winning major pool champion ship events including the International Billiard Tournament held in Tokyo, Japan in 2001.

Since 1985, Reyes has won at least 82 major poll championship events, the latest of which is the 2010 Derby City Classic Master of the Table.

Aside from playing pool, Reyes has appeared in movies and is a popular product endorser.

Reyes, who is popularly known as the “Magician” was born in Pampanga in 1954 and moved to Manila with his family, at the age of 5.

In Manila, he worked as a billiards attendant at his uncle’s billiards hall, where he started learning the various cue sports.

Because he was not tall enough to reach the pool table, he played while standing on Coca-cola cases that he moved around. At night, while he was dreaming of playing pool, the pool table was his bed.

Reyes has two children from wife Susan Reyes.

wikipedia                     Efren “Bata” Reyes (left) with fan

ALEX “The Lion” PAGULAYAN, 2004 WPA World 9-ball Champion

Alex Pagulayan is a Filipino-Canadian professional pool player who migrated to Canada along with his parents when he was 13 years old.

He was born in Cabagan, Isabela, Philippines and was raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 2004, Pagulayan returned to the Philippines, and is a dual citizen of Canada and the Philippines.

Pagulayan’s father worked in a pool hall where the young Pagulayan honed his pool skills and talent.

Since 2002, Pagulayan has won at least 12 major championship awards including a US 9-ball championship in 2005.

His latest major award was the 2008 World Pool Masters.

wikipedia        Alex Pagulayan (extreme right with friends

RONATO “Calamba” ALCANO, 2006 WPA World 9-ball Champion

Ronnie  Alcano is a professional pool player who won the 2006 World Pool Championship title by beating German cue artist Ralf Souquet in the finals of the 2006 WPA world Pool tournament in the Philippines.

For winning the 2006 World Pool 9-ball championship title, Alcano received $100,000, the biggest top prize in the history of WPA.

A year after winning the WPA event, Alcano bagged another major event tournament, the WPA 8-ball championship by defeating compatriot Dennis Orcollo in the final match.

Among Alcano’s major championship titles include:

  • 2005 Asian Nine-ball Tour – Manila
  • 2006 WPA World Nine-ball Championship
  • 2007 WPA World Eight-ball Championship
  • 2009 Galveston Classic Eight-ball

wikipedia                   Ronato “The Volcano” Alcano

FRANCISCO “Django” BUSTAMANTE, 2010 World 9-ball Pool Champion

Django Bustamante is a Filipino professional pool player who recently won the coveted 2010 world pool championship held in Doha Qatar. Bustamante beat Taiwanese cue master Kuo Po Cheng.

In 2002, Bustamante could have won the most coveted World 9-ball Championship title but due to an unfortunate event that happened back home in the Philippines where his daughter, who was barely a year old, has died.

The devastating news came at a time when Bustamante was just a step away from grabbing the world pool title. Bustamante eventually lost to Earl Strickland and settled for the second place in the prestigious tournament. Eight years later and after winning major world pool events , Django finally got his World 9-ball championship title.

Francisco “Django” Bustamante was born on December 29m 1963 in Tarlac, Philippines.

Bustamante has been playing since the age of ten, and has won titles such as the Munich Masters, The German Nine-ball Championship, and the Japan Nine-ball Championship, making him one of billiard’s greatest international stars.

wikipedia       2010 World Pool 9-ball Champion, Francisco “Django” Bustamante

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