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Here are the rules that you need to know if you want to start playing eight ball.

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Eight ball and nine ball are the two most popular billiards games. The equipment you need is a full rack of billiards balls, a couple of billiards sticks, and a billiards table. This game has two competitors playing at a time.

The ultimate purpose of the game is to hit all of your balls into the tables’ pockets. To close out the game and win you need to sink the eight ball.

To start the game you need to rack up all of the balls. To make racking the balls up easy you should buy yourself a billiards triangle. I am going to list the number of the ball in each row from left to right and I am going to read the rows from top to bottom. At the tip of the triangle is the 9 ball. In the second row there is the 7 and then 12 ball. In the third row there is the 15, then 8, then 1 ball. The next row contains the 6, then 10, then 3, and then 14 ball. The last row contains the 11, then 2, then 13, then 4, and then 5 ball. When you are all done with setting up all of the balls then the completed triangle should look like this.

Put the tip of the triangle on the unoccupied dot. Make sure that the 9 ball is the pointing directly forward.

Now you are ready to start playing. Flip a coin or play rock-paper-scissors to see who breaks. To break the ball you need to take the cue ball, the white one, and put it somewhere behind the dot opposite the side of the triangle. Then take your stick and hit the cue ball at the triangle to break up the balls and hopefully hit one of them in. If it so happens that you do hit one in, then you get to take another turn. For this first turn the table is open, meaning that you can shoot in any solid or striped ball you want. Keep in mind you don’t want to hit the eight ball in until the end of the game, because if you do then you lose the game. If you fail to hit one of your balls in, then it is the other player’s turn. Say you hit one in and it is a striped one, then you will be trying to hit in striped balls for the rest of the game. The same goes for hitting in a solid ball. Keep hitting in your balls until there are none left. Now you can hit in the eight ball. If you hit in the eight ball before the other player does then you win the game.

If during the game either you, or the other player hit the cue ball off the table, then the other player gets to put it anywhere on the table he or she would like, and take their turn normally hitting the ball from where they have placed it. If either of you hit the cue ball into one of the pockets inadvertently then the other player gets to take the cue ball and put it wherever they want behind the dot like they did on the break, and then take their turn like normal. If you hit any of the other player’s balls in, then that player’s ball stays in the pocket and you lose your turn. If you hit any of the other player’s balls before you hit one of your own, then you lose your turn. Any balls that go in after this happening stay in, but the person who hit the ball loses their turn.

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  1. danielle
    Posted January 16, 2009 at 7:46 am

    this helps out alot! i am a blond and i could never gigure out how to set up the balls!

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