What My Friends Think About Steve Nash Joining The Lakers Team

Here are some of my friends’s insights on the recent news about Nash joining the LA Lakers team.

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I just learned about the latest news about the trade deal for this coming NBA season and was surprised to read that Steve Nash was joining the LA Lakers team. Surprised because there were humors that he was joining the last season’s champion Miami Heats.

So like any normal person would normally do, I immediately posted the news on my Facebook wall, lol! With the tag line:

“this is unexpected!!! sorry Miami :)

A lot of my friends “liked” my post and some even commented about it. Most I know being a Miami fan. 

Here are some of what my friends commented:

Comment #1: ‎2 bitter rivals join forces… NASH get your 1st ring! :D

Comment #2:  no big deal. still big 3. kobe-nash-bynum. :p

Comment #3: come one! come all! to the lakers bandwagon

Comment #4: what the heck are you talking about? Miami does not need Nash because they don’t need another ball handler. Bet you that Nash won’t even have the chance to hold the ball that long with Kobe as his team mate.

Comment #5: actually, Miami has 2 big holes: the center and pg positions. they do have a lot of ball handlers, but ball handling =/= court generalship. well James can do that, but imagine if some natural pg is there to do that instead of him… anyway, we’ll see how Nash and Kobe will mesh well.

Comment #6:  running the play for Miami is not advisable, it will just limit James and wade skills. They are the type of players who want the ball on their hands and not just waiting for those kick-out passes like a spot-up shooter does. Miami’s system is unorthodox of usual plays, James playing the point forward position and Chalmers which is a natural pg playing the kick-out pass receiver.

Comment #7: they’re unorthodox, yes. but it still doesn’t change the fact that they have big holes on those 2 positions.

Comment #8: (my comment) Let’s just wait for this coming season. ^_^

How about you guy’s? What do you think about Nash joining the Lakers team?

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