Us Basketball Team Right on Track for Gold

There’s no trouble for the US Dream Team in Olympic basketball while the other teams fight for dear life to try their luck for the gold.

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Looks like that the US basketball team from the NBA is right on track for the gold medal at the Olympics. 

The defending champion Americans powered by Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James et al are now in the quarterfinals, They have just outrunned and outgunned Manu Ginobili’s Argentina, 126-97, that kept their clean record. Durant led scorers with 28.

Last year silver medalist Spain is still fighting hard to return to the finals, though it lost to Brazil, 88-82. The Spaniards are looking good and may even pull big surprises. It also features NBA stars led by Pau Gasol and Serge Ibaka. 

Yet observers are looking at a collision course between the Americans and the Russians.

Russia was the first team to beat the US in an Olympic basketball competition. That was 40 years ago.

This time, the Americans new version of the Dream Team of the previous Summer Games are very much hugnry of a back-to-back crown. No trouble unlike that of Russia and Spain and the other teams.

As of this writing, still standing on the way for the Americans are the Australians while Russia takes on Lithuania. Spain is highly favored against France and Argentina takes on Brazil.

Australia inflicted Russia’s first loss behind NBA guard Patrick Mills’ 3-pointer at the buzzer for an 82-80 go ahead win.

Last year’s host China bade goodbye by not winning any single game in the competitions after this year’s host Great Britain won via a masterful 90-58 victory. Both teams are eliminted.

China however is still up in the medalstandings with 34-21-18 gold-silver-bronze while the US has 30-1921 and Great Britain is in third with 22-13-13.

The Chinese proved that they are no longer the sleeping giant that they were known for in all aspects whether economics, international politics and now sports.

I would like to see the day when they are really a leader in basketball. NBA scouts have been recruiting Chinese the likes of Yao Ming or even Jeremy Lin from Taiwan.

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