Topless Basketball League

Topless Basketball League.

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For awhile it seemed like 2012 might be a year without an NBA.  The owners and players seemed deadlocked.  The negotiations looked like they were going nowhere.

It has been said that nature abhors a vacuum and while that statement might not be literally true of the whole universe, it works pretty well on the earth’s surface.  The vacuum in the sports world was in effect, a billion dollar industry that was evaporating before the eyes of those who make money off it. 

Enter a couple of  former basketball players who were attention getters–each in his own special ways–years ago.

Spud Web was a short point guard who could dunk.  Dennis Rodman was man who was pierced to within an inch of his life and very much a bad boy and a  class cut up.  Dennis was famous for wearing a wedding dress–not too many guys have done that.

Each of these gentlemen is associated with a topless women’s basketball team.  Rodman, who notes that most men will watch women running around doing just about anything–wants his team to play Spud Web’s team for charity.

Some compare topless basketball to lingerie football but clearly there is no comparison.  After all, it is legal for women to run around in their underwear since most underwear covers a great deal more than a dental floss, string bikini.

It is not legal for women to run around naked in most venues, so that alone might require special licenses.  Dennis Rodman’s team would be associated with a gentleman’s club so he may have that problem covered.  However, the game would still be an adults only affair and if was to be broadcast one might need a special adult channel to do so.  If all the legal hurdles could be gotten over, the venture could be quite lucrative.


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