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Girls went home and told his father what he said to the lady next door. Megdagasztottak ügygyel-it’s a great trouble, is heated in the furnace, but it was not szénvonójuk as the bottom of the furnace through föltisztítsák. He says one of the Girls:

– Go over to the Girls next door, ask for a szénvonót, say, you take it back immediately.

Girls went to the back of the widow:

– Her neighbor, he sent my father, sir, do not regret a szénvonót to anoint, while the bottom of the furnace föltisztítjuk.

– Yes, I do not give me my Girls, tell your master, your father, take me away, you will be kneading teknÅ‘tök also szénvonótok well.

Went home for Girls, said that what he said to the lady next door, struggled back to the furnace is prepared

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