The Lust of Black Athletes for White Women

Kobe dressed up in Adam Kimmel Garb and White Women.

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Yes, this is a picture of Kobe Bryant donning Adam Kimmel attire. The pure white clothing symbolizes Kobe’s desire to be with red hot white girls and  white women. Who can blame Bryant who travels all over the United States as top stud for the Los Angeles Lakers and probably has gorgeous white women throwing themselves at him all the time. 

In Kobe’s younger days he enjoyed prowling around the beaches looking for red hot horny white girls like the one you see in the picture at Jones Beach. If you zoom in on the picture, you can see that this 25 year old white woman is very proud of her perfect ass. Her buttocks may as well be sculpted. Many of you may remember that Kobe was accused of having anal sex with an Eagle Valley Senior High School cheerleader in Eagle, Colorado back in July 2003.

Word is the picture you see of the sexy, horny white girl with a perfect muscular bikini thong ass is the same  girl that Kobe had rough anal sex with in Eagle Colorado. Who could possibly blame Kobe for hittin that ASS! White girl dressing like that has to want orgasmic anal in the worst way. Kobe bent her over a stool and fingered her to very intense clitoral orgasms while hitting her G-Spot anally. She has to know that any normal male will become harder than a rock looking at her perfect heart shaped Dallas Cowboy cheerleader ass.

A woman walking on the beach with an ass like the lady in the picture is the envy of all who view her well rounded buttocks and it is hard to believe that she has not at least thought about being with a virile well hung black man like Kobe. 

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