Pacers: Orlando Summer League Comes to a Close

A look at the plus and minuses of current Pacers players on the Summer League Roster, as well as potential prospects to be invited to training camps in the early fall.

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The Pacers ended the Orlando Summer League with a 77-90 loss to the Brooklyn Nets today, making their final record 2-3 over the five day league. The league allowed us to look at our rookie players, our young, developing players, and other familiar players from college ball looking for a chance to make it in the NBA. Today I’m going to breakdown the positives and negatives of our current signed players that took part in the Summer League, as well as those unsigned players who I believe the Pacers should take a closer look at in their training camp this fall.

Currently Signed Players

Jeff Pendergraph: I wasn’t very impressed with Pendergraph’s play in the Summer League. I have higher expectations when it comes to guys that have actually been in the NBA for awhile, and he just didn’t reach those expectations. He seemed to just blend in with all the guys who haven’t even gotten a chance in the NBA yet. He didn’t seem to do much other than being a decently sized body down-low, so I don’t have any plus or minuses for him. 

Orlando Johnson: To me, Orlando Johnson just looks like someone who’s gonna be good someday. I think he has good athleticism and a decent skill-set for a guy picked up in the mid-second round. That said, I don’t think he used his own skills to his advantage this week in Orlando. He’s very good at driving to the basket, and I’ve heard people compare him to Dwayne Wade when it comes to his athleticism and ability to get to the hoop. I agree very much with that comparison. However, I saw him settle for a lot of contested jumpers that almost never fell. He can hit any shot on the floor if he’s open, but a pull-up 15 footer with a hand in his face just was not falling.

Positives: When he drove to the basket, something good would happen almost every time. He has a nack for finishing tough up and under layups or whatever else he has to do to score off the drive. He has a nice little spin move that I think will serve him well in the future. It’s a good strong move that allowed him to muscle his way to the basket and catch his defender off guard. I like his athleticism. He’s built to play shooting guard. He’d be basically the prototypical shooting guard if he were an inch or two taller. He has the neccessary speed, quickness, strength, and vertical to become a very successful shooting guard in the league. He plays good defense, not great defense, but good defense. He also has a nice jump shot when he’s open. He can hit threes and mid-range jumpers whenever he can get himself enough space. He’s a good overall player.

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