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One of the many things that interest in life is basketball.

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One of the many things that interest in life is basketball. It is one of my friend’s favorite sports. He loves to watch all levels of basketball, from playground and blacktop to the sold-out crowds of the NBA.

            Offensively, he loves to shoot three-pointers and make stylish passes to his teammates for the score. On defense, he play hard defense in order to steal the ball back in his team’s possession. My favorite player is Michael Jordan, an NBA Hall of Fame inductee and six-time NBA All-Star and MVP. He has watched him ever since he was a kid, and he has inspired me to play basketball in the beginning. LeBron James, Brandon Roy, J.J. Redick, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony are some of today’s NBA players that continue to enlighten me and teach me to step his game up a notch.

            He also loves college basketball. My favorite college team is the North Carolina Tar Heels. They are one of the best teams, in not only the Atlantic Coast Conference, but the nation as well. Some of the best players have played for the Tar Heels, including Jordan, Jerry Stackhouse, and Vince Carter. New up and coming players, such as Ed Davis, Larry Drew II, and Will Graves, are making their mark at UNC now. They are continuing a tradition of sportsmanship and winning that will perpetuate as long as UNC still stands.

            He aspires to play basketball at the NCAA Division III level at Ferrum College, where he is currently studying to become a computer graphics and web designer. He trains himself to improve on dribbling, defense, free throw shooting, and three-point shooting. Every day he gets better, but he is still not to that level of skill where he wants to be. He will get there eventually and bring Ferrum College a USA South Conference championship and an NCAA Division III men’s basketball championship.

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