NBA Playoffs Schedule 2011

Who is your favorite team playing in the NBA Playoffs?

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It’s April, which means it is playoff time! You probably want to know who is playing who, so let’s get started with the Eastern Conference!

Eastern Conference

(1) Chicago

(8) Indiana

Chicago finished the season with the best record, and won the regular season series VS Indiana 3 – 1. It should be an easy win for Chicago. Indiana’s young team will try their best, and I think they will get one over the Bulls.


Chicago – 4

Indiana – 1

(2) Miami

(7) Philadelphia

Miami seems to have hit their stride late in the season, and the Big 3 will hope to cash in on their move to all join each other in South Beach. Philadelphia have been OK throughout the year, but they got swept in the regular season series. It will be a tough playoffs for Philadelphia.


Miami – 4

Indiana – 0

(3) Boston 

(6) New York

This is the matchup of the playoffs for me. On one side we have the Celtics, hoping for one more chance at playoff glory, and the Knicks, the other Big 3 in the East, that want to make sure they can bring a ring home. Boston swept the Knicks 4-0 in the regular season, but only one was played with Melo, Billups and Amare in the team. This should go down to the wire.

Boston – 4

New York – 3

(4) Orlando

(5) Atlanta

An unpredicatble matchup. 2 different styles of play. Atlanta won 3 – 1 on the series, and I expect the Magic to be taking an early exit from the playoffs.


Magic – 2

Atlanta – 4

Western Conference

(1) San Antonio

(8) Memphis

Nothing to say about this one. The high basketball knowledge of the Spurs will be able to overcome the Grizzlies easily. The scores were tied 2 – 2, but these Spurs are made for the playoffs.


Spurs – 4

Memphis – 1

(2) Los Angeles

(7) New Orleans

This should be a cakewalk for the Lakers. SHOULD. I doubt the Hornets can win the series, but I think they can put up a fight against the Champions.


LA – 4

New Orleans – 2

(3) Dallas

(6) Portland

Dallas are a veteran team. In the past their playoffs have been ruined by matchups, but I think they will be able to go far. Easy win for the Mavs


Dallas – 4

Portland – 1

(4) Oklahoma

(5) Denver

Here you have a scoring machine in the form of Kevin Durant, and a passing god in Russell Westbrook, playing against Kenyon Martin and the Carmelo – less Nuggets. I expect there to be a close series, with the Thunder coming away with the spoils.


Oklahoma – 4

Denver – 3

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