How Did Michael Jordan NBA Ugliest Character

Idol of all young lovers play basketball and the NBA legend Michael Jordan has become over the years one of the most hated people involved in North American professional basketball phenomenon.

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Franchise owner of Charlotte Bobcats, Jordan is among the toughest NBA owners when it comes to renegotiating the collective labor contract.

Many players had hoped that Jordan’s involvement in discussions of basketball and employers’ union eventually will result in finding a solution to resolve the deadlock in the NBA.

There have been small, but their surprise when they found that Jordan is the main character just that solution not only refuse equal sharing of income generated by the NBA, but suggests even the players salary cap reduction to 47 percent of total revenues of 4 billion dollars.

Michael Jordan was involved in two strikes as a player, first in 1995 when, along with Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller and others, supported the players’ union dissolution, and then in 1998 when he left the famous retort of Abe Pollini, the owner Washington Wizards.

“Sell the team if you are not able to make profit,” Jordan said at the time of Pollini. Jordan’s statement in 1998 now turned against him, many considering it a character whose sole purpose is to maximize profit.

Completely withdrawn from competition in 2003 just from Washington Wizards, Michael Jordan has been involved since 2006 as the Charlotte Bobcats second shareholder with Robert Johnson.

Jordan became the Bobcats majority shareholder since 2010, and the American press notes that North Carolina team lost in each of the last two years by 7 million dollars.

NBA regular season was canceled until 15 December and extended jam in the second half of January 2012 could result in complete cancellation of the season.

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