Does Steve Nash Help The Lakers?

Does Steve Nash help the Lakers?

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On July 4, 2012, reports came in that a sign-and-trade deal between the Lakers and Suns had been completed. The Suns will be sending over former MVP Point Guard Steve Nash to L.A. The Suns will be receiving draft picks. Now, does Steve Nash really help the Lakers? I think he does. Steve Nash is a passer, a facilitator and a good shooter. He may not be as quick and athletic as guards like Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo, but he is able to keep up with them, something that former Laker PGs couldn’t. He may be 38, but he is still getting 10 assists per ga

Steve Nash dribbling the ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

me. Especially if the Lakers retain 7 footers Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, we will be seeing great passing from the Lakers. If the Lakers can a solid small forward and improve their bench, they will easily be favorites in the West.

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