Derrick Rose Injury– Is Coach to Blame?

Derrick Rose tore his ACL just as the Bulls was wrapping up a win. Is it time to look for a new coach?

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As good as the Chicago Bulls are, their hopes for a title are significantly dampened by the injury to their superstar Derrick Rose. Rose suffered a season ending ACL  injury in their win against the Philadelphia 76ers in Saturday’s playoff opener.


The Bulls were leading by 12 with a minute and twenty seconds remaining in the final quarter when Rose landed awkwardly after a strong drive to the lane. He writhed in pain to the floor for several minutes before medical personnel helped him to the locker room. Medical tests later indicated that his teammates better go ahead with their championship quest without waiting for his help.


Now comes the question. As they are clearly winning the game with so little time left, is Coach Tom Thibodeau  to blame for his prized player’s injury? Shouldn’t he have played safe, resting Rose and fielding in another exciting and reliable point guard in CJ Watson?


‘I don’t work backwards as you guys do’. He said in the press conference later, unable to hide his irritation for people who even think about blaming him. Or maybe, that  irritation is even directed to himself. Deep inside, the coach could not shake off the burning question:  “What if?”


Questions about whether Rose should have stayed on the floor  are,  of course valid. Everyone can criticize the wisdom behind the risk taken and paid dearly by the Bulls. But to blame the coach for an injury to a player in such situations  is uncalled for, and would even defeat the reason why people love the game. It was not so close, but it was not a blowout either, and as Thibodeau pointed out, the 76ers are gaining confidence that they could carry in their next game.


Everybody loves basketball for what it is. Tough, risky, painful even. Although to see such players getting hurt is never a pleasurable sight, we admire the courage that the athletes  displayed on the court. That being said, I think the focus should be directed more to the athlete than to the coach.


Derrick Rose is a tremendous athlete who wants to give his all in every play. He doesn’t care about the score. Be it the end of a playoff match or the beginning of a friendly game, he will always have that passion, that fire, that showmanship that makes him so exciting but at the same time brings the risk of injuries  everytime he suits up for a game. Fans should spend more time appreciating everything there is about Derrick Rose’s competitiveness. Teammates should let that inspire them in their quest for the title.


As for coach Thibodeau, blame is not his to carry.

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  1. Posted April 29, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    i don’t think so.

  2. Posted April 29, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    Well, I think the coach is surely to blame.

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