Congrats, Ron

Ron Artest might deserve that trophy more than anyone on the face of the planet.

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I’m a Knick fan. So last night, the one guy I wanted to see celebrate was Nate Robinson, who is on the Boston Celtics. And I gotta say, even though my pride of being from New York forbids me from rooting for any team or athlete from Boston, I was pretty upset when Nate the Great didn’t get a ring, and somehow Adam Morrison did. I mean, come on.

And then I saw Ron Artest.

In his first public comments since winning the NBA Championship he’s waited his whole life to win, Artest kept it real by thanking his hood (Queensbridge, what up!!!) Then the dude thanks his doctor, which may seem odd, but the truth of the matter is that team trainers deserve a ring as much as the guys on the court, ice, or field, and any athlete who has even been on a championship team will agree with me.

And then he says the most L.A. thing of all time.

“I want to thank my pyschiatrist.” the newly minted champ said. Take a second. He thanked his shrink. His shrink is on the short list of people he should thank. What a whimp, right?

Wrong. Artest, who with 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 steals, arguably played better than Finals MVP Kobe Bryant in game 7, isn’t afraid to thank who he feels helped him get to that point, and if it’s his shrink, so be it. With the journey Artest took to get this ring, he can thank anyone he damn pleases.

We all remember that night at the Palace. We all said “Artest is a moron” and you either thought he should have been suspended for longer or suspended for good. Nobody thought he was a good teammate, and even though he had the talent of a star, he had the head of a loon. After the incident, he went into basketball obscurity, bouncing around to a couple of teams, until last June when he joined the Lake show. (random aside, Artest is #37, because Thriller was #1 for 37 weeks. Bee frickin A) During his time in L.A., Kobe Bryant was proud to say he wasn’t Artest’s biggest fan, and the L.A. media was riding him like Barbaro.

And the he hit the shot that clinched title 16 for the Lakers, and ruined title 18 for the Celtics.

Maybe we’ll always remember Ron Artest for what happened in November 2004, and not what happened in June 2010. It would be a shame, but Ron has no one to blame but Ron. But Ron Artest earned something last night that many athlets, nee, many people try to get in life but never can, redemption. Maybe it’s fleeting, maybe it’s permanent, but for one night, no beer cup could stop Ron Artest from doing what he’s wanted to do more than anything in his whole life; win.

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