Basketball Skills

Skills to be a good basketball player depending on height and position.

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A basketball player needs to have some obvious skills; you need to be able to shoot free throws, make layups, and dribble the ball. You also need to have specific skills depending on the position you want to play.

If you are a shorter person and you want to play basketball, you have alot of work to do because honestly the taller you are the more people want you, but even if your shorter you can build up on skills that make you a very good basketball player. I would advise to build up on your ball handling. if your shorter, it’s better to build your ball handling skills because there is less time for the ball to reach the ground. Also the shorter people are also quicker and can beat people off the dribble.

Another skill you should work on is driving. if you can drive and have good ball handling, you have point guard potential. You could be trusted with the ball under pressure situations because you can dribble well and you can also beat players and drive to the basket.

You should also work on your passing, because that would help you very much to make unexpected and accurate passes.

If you are taller, well then you need to work on post moves, you need to know the basic post moves and be able to play very good defence. You also need to be able to make free throws because your big, which means you will get fouled alot of the time and if you can make free throws, then its easy baskets, so that could be helpful.

You also could work on shooting, because if your tall, and you can shoot, then you’ll be a really good player because your a threat inside the key and outside. People would have to play closer defence on you beause you could shoot anytime and you could drive anytime for a post move.

In general though, you need to have good cardio, you need to be able to run up and down the floor without getting too tired, and you need to be able to be consistant. You also need to be able to play defence, because you could be really good at offence, but without defence, its useless because they will score on you everytime.

Basketball is really fun, and i think its a good sport, but it takes a lot of work, if you put in some time and practice a lot, then you will enjoy the spor.

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    Good advice!! thanks

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