Basic Skills You Need in Basketball

Basketball involves a lot of skills. If you want to be a good player, then you have to know and master the basic and advanced skills. Inside this article is what you need in order to master the basic skills.

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If you want to start playing a sport, of course you will start with the basics. Here are the basic skills you need in basketball.

Dribbling. This skill is about handling the ball. This also refers to the maneuvering of the ball through skillful taps. Its purpose is to bring the ball past an opponent and open a chance to score. In order to dribble the ball, one must push the ball to the floor using his/her fingers (not the palm) and let it bounce until the ball comes back to your hand and then push the ball again and so on. This skill is very important for this is your tool if you want to run or walk with the ball. Point guards should master this skill for they are responsible for setting the play and finding an opportunity to score. One of the best dribblers in NBA is Allen Iverson.

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Passing. This skill is about throwing or giving the ball to a teammate. This skill is very important because teamwork is very important in the game basketball. To pass a ball, you must handle the ball with the thumb and finger pads. You should step forward in the direction of your receiver to put force in it. Extend your arms and bend your wrists while throwing the ball. There are different types of passes. Here are some of them:

1. Chest pass. Handle the ball in front of your chest. Throw the ball to your receiver while stepping one foot forward.

2. Overhead pass. Hold the ball over your head. Place one foot forward. Move your arms backward making the ball go at the back of your head to give force to your pass and then throw the ball to the receiver.

3. Bounce pass. You can hold the ball with one hand or with two hands. Place one foot ahead of the other and throw the ball to the floor making it bounce to your desired location.

Passing, like dribbling, is also a skill that needs to be mastered by point guards. Some of the best passers in the NBA is Jason Kidd and Steve Nash.

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Shooting. This is the act of throwing the ball to the ring to score a goal. For me, this is the most important skill you have to learn. In basketball, the team with the highest score wins the game and in order to win the game, the team should shoot as many shots as possible. Like passing, shooting also have different types. Here are some:

1. Jump shot. This shot can be executed while running or standing. To make an accurate jump shot, you must have balance, coordination and a clear view of the ring. If you are from a running position, stop quickly and jump in the air. Hold the ball above your head with your shooting hand. At the peak of your jump, push the ball with your arm and hand. Do not forget to follow through with your wrists and fingertips. A lobbing shot is effective for jump shots.

2. Hook shot. To do this, your back should be toward the basket. If you are going to the right side, step with your left foot and jump. While you are in the peak of the jump, extend your right arm carefully and release the ball.

3. Lay-up. This is done when you are running near to the basket. To do it, hold the ball in top of your hand. Step with your right foot first (if you are right-handed). Follow it with a second step using your left foot this time. Jump high in the air. Make sure your right foot is ahead of your body. Raise your hand with the ball still in top and carefully close your fingers as you release the ball.

Some of the shooters in NBA are Kobe Bryant and Ray Allen.

Those are the basic skills used in basketball. If you want to be a good player, then you must follow them. For those people who are at the stage of starting playing basketball, always keep these tips in mind. Good luck!

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