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How good was Chicken Man every time he batted in the major leagues?

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Presented in this article are Wade Boggs real baseball stats per official at bat. How many runs, RBI’s and home runs (HR’s) did Wade Boggs get per official at bat? Presenting the stats in this manner is meant to give you a clearer picture of what on average Wade Boggs accomplished for each official at bat he had in the major leagues.

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How are the stats calculated out? Simply by dividing each stat listed by official at bats. Just like you do with hits for batting average. Here we are dividing total runs scored by total official at bats to get a player’s run average, total RBI’s by total official at bats for a player’s RBI average and total HR’s by total official at bats for a player’s HR average. For example: if a player has scored 1,000 runs in 5,000 official at bats his run average would be .200. If the player had 900 RBI’s his RBI average would be .180. And if he had 200 HR’s his HR average would be .040. So on average this player would have scored a run 20% of the time, driven in a run 18% of the time and hit a HR 4% of the time he recorded an official at bat in the major leagues.

Obviously the higher the averages the better the player was. Here is a rough guide to determine how a players averages stack up.

Run Average and RBI Average – anything over .150 is good. Anything above .200 is excellent, and the very best players in history have occasionally gone over .300 in some seasons.

HR Average – anything over .055 is good. Anything above .065 is really good and anything above .075 means one of the best HR hitters of all time.

Here are Wade Boggs raw numbers (AB’s/runs/RBI’s/HR’s) 9180/1513/118/1014.

Wade Boggs Career Numbers

Run Average – .165

RBI Average – .111

HR Average – .013

So on average Wade Boggs scored a run 16.5% of the time, drove in a run 11.1% of the time and hit a HR 1.3% of the time he stepped up to the plate and had an official at bat in the major leagues.

Boggs was a tremendous batting average hitter in his career. He won 5 batting titles (1983 and 1985-88) and collected over 3,000 hits in his (3,010). Wade Boggs spent the majority of his 18 year major league baseball career playing for the Boston Red Sox (1982-1995). He also played for the New York Yankees (1993-1997) where he won a World Series in 1996 and finished his career and quest for 3,000 hits with the Tampa Bay Rays (1998-1999).

Boggs was known to teammates as “chicken man” because he would eat nothing but chicken before games. He also had other Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD tendencies like waking up at the same time every single day, taking exactly 150 ground balls in practice, taking batting practice at exactly 5:17 daily and running wind sprints at 7:17. Perhaps his biggest OCD occurrence was with California mortgage broker Margo Adams with whom Boggs had a 4 year extramarital affair in which Boggs would fly her around to accompany him on all road trips. When news leaked out to the media the affair became a big scandal. It is also rumored that Boggs once drank 64 cans of Miller Lite beer on a single cross country flight. 

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Wade Boggs was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2005 and is depicted there in a Red Sox cap though he wanted to be shown wearing a Rays cap. Due to rumors of Boggs and others agreeing to wear caps of certain teams for favors from those teams the Hall of Fame determined that they would choose which cap a player’s bust would be depicted wearing. 

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