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If you are a fan of the L.A. professional sports teams then you need to follow and check out Going Yard L.A. It’s a website and twitter page dedicated to bringing you the latest news, scores, and rumors of the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, and Galaxy.

The goal of the people behind Going Yard L.A. is to bring all Angelinos together under the flag of L.A. Nation. Bringing fans together to support all major professional sports teams in Los Angeles. If your a fan of the Dodgers you should support the Galaxy. If your a fan of the Kings root for the Dodgers. You get the idea.

Follow on twitter: Going Yard L.A. and get the latest updates and news as they break instantly as they follow every important sports entity on twitter. They will only update you on the L.A. teams, so your twitter feed wont get cluttered with unnecessary sports news from other teams. Who wants that?

The website: GYLA has opinions (blogs), polls, multimedia, and other cool stuff all geared towards your favorite teams. You can also leave your opinion, comment, or vent all you want.

So if your a fan of the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, and/or Galaxy then follow Going Yard L.A.

Rise up L.A. NATION!!!

Going Yard L.A.

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